The world is coming to an end and the undead are coming for you. You and a group of people do your best to survive.


1. Chapter 1

She laid there in bed without a care in the world and bathed in the bliss that the softness of her duvet brought her. Then the smell of smoke and decay awoke her to todays reality.

Her heart stopped for a moment when she saw she was amongst a bunch of bodies and realisation hit that she only had mere seconds before they became shells of what they once were, short of being 'alive'.

What was she going to do?

Just hours before these people had been her classmates and this classroom had been the one place she could escape to, to avoid the reality of her life. University, to her, was a sanctuary and now it was nothing more than a graveyard.

Footsteps could be heard in the almost deafening silence and they echoed of the walls as someone came closer to where she was, still frozen to the spot.

Her pulse quickened and drowned out all sounds, save for her heartbeat and the sound of a person coming closer.

A part of her knew that this person couldn't be one of those things', the footsteps were too... normal.

First she saw military boots and then she saw a gloved hand as the person offered to help her up. Then she saw his face and recognition dawned on her: this person was someone well-known in the university.

He was in a group known as BTS and they were all popular amongst her peers. Namjoon aka Rap Monster was the leader and (y/n) had taking an immediate liking to him.

Now he was in front of her and her heart was beating rapidly for another reason.

Overcoming her thoughts she quickly got to her feet, with his aid, and silently thanked him with a nod.

Behind him she saw his friends and they were signalling them both to hurry up, so they could all get out of there.

And she was glad to be out of there; the smell alone was enough to make anyone vomit, the sight even more so.

Rap Monster offered her to join them and so she did.

Together they will survive.

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