The Dead in Japan A novel

Japan, 2015. Ryo, a Japanese waitress, finds out that the city is full of ghosts that are plaguing Tokyo. When she struggles to deal with them, she encounters several ghost hunters who want to get rid of the ghosts.


2. The ghosts of Tokyo, Japan-2015


Ryo ​was hungry. She ate a hamburger, and sipped her coffee. By six o'clock PM, she had a nervous feeling that someone was watching her. It was Kao, a ghost-hunter. "Hello, Ryo. Did you miss me?", he asked her. She sighed; she was eager to think that her boyfriend was going to kiss her. "I hate cemeteries, Kao", she answered him. He sighed with frustration. "There's a lot of dead people in Japan. The ghosts are everywhere". He ordered some Singapore noodles, and a Coke, then he paid five yen for it. Then he smiled at her. "Come on, Ryo. It'll be an adventure", he said. And she nodded. "Alright, Kao. I'll go". And he smiled, then kissed her. As they walked along the thin roads that led to the ancient cemetery, Kao smiled at some of his friends. "Ryo, this is Kai, Lisa, and Mai. They're working for us to search for the Black Lady of Tokyo". Ryo nodded. "Hello. I've heard about the ghost story. The Lady was someone who died from a broken heart back in the cold, winter's night of 2003 from pneumonia. Her ghost haunts The Tokyo Cemetery of the Dead​ that's three miles away", she said. Kao nodded. "She is known to wear a long, black gown as if she is in mourning after her husband left her. Hence the ghost's name". Lisa, who was an Australian expat, was educated in Melbourne before her parents got jobs in Tokyo in finance. "I believe in ghosts. Japan has a lot of them, you know". Ryo, who saw 'Ring', the 1998 Japanese ghost movie on DVD in 2011, was scared of wells. She glanced at the cemetery. Written in bold letters were the words: ​Tokyo Cemetery. Hours: Monday to Sunday: 8:00 AM-9:00 PM. As they went inside through the iron doors, a cold breeze wafted towards Ryo; the breeze came from the south. Ryo shivered. Then they walked inside...and into the unknown.


Kai, Lisa's boyfriend, was fifteen. He had short, brown hair, blue eyes, and tall. "My friends were scared of death. They were convinced that the ghosts will hurt them". He held onto Lisa's right hand. She smiled at him. Before the small group could talk again, a middle-aged man named Ry stared at them. "Go away children before it's too late", he said in Japanese. "Who are you?", Ryo asked him. "The owner.  I've been here since 1987 when I was thirty. I took over from my late father, Ken", he answered her. Ryo shook her head. She started to think that Ry was scared. She took a deep breath. And then she saw a black figure watching them. Everyone screamed...and fled the haunted cemetery before they were scared off.

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