The Dead in Japan A novel

Japan, 2015. Ryo, a Japanese waitress, finds out that the city is full of ghosts that are plaguing Tokyo. When she struggles to deal with them, she encounters several ghost hunters who want to get rid of the ghosts.


1. Ryo

​Tokyo, Japan, 2015

Ryo ​gazed at the Chinese customer at ​Foo Chow's Restaurant​. She walked towards Table 4. "How are you, Mister Wong?", she asked him.

"I'm fine, Ryo. My sister, Ming, died last week from cancer. She was twenty-nine. She was a Maths Teacher at ​Miss Thora's Japan School​", he answered her. Ryo, who had short, black hair, nodded. She had known her friend for a decade; she wiped away tears from her brown eyes with a red napkin. "What do you want to eat and drink?", she said. "Singapore noodles, and coffee please", Mister Wong said. She wrote it down. Then she attended to other customers.


Ryo, who grew up in Tokyo all of her life, was twenty-two. She wore a light, grey coat, a black skirt, brown socks, and flat black shoes on her small feet. She then served Mister Wong's lunch. Suddenly she saw a pale looking girl who was crying. "What's the matter?", Ryo asked her. "Mother's dead. I saw her ghost", she answered her. Ryo, who believed Japan was full of ghosts, shuddered with dread. "I'm Ryo. I work here as a waitress. What's your name?". "Kira". Ryo nodded. "I'll tell Mister Wing, the owner about what happened. Do you want something to eat? Or drink?". Kira, who was ten, nodded. Ryo walked towards the spacious kitchen. Mister Wing, a small, fifty year old man, was ordering the chefs in the busy kitchen. "Cook faster! Don't burn things!". Ryo spoke up. "Excuse me, Mister Wing, this girl has lost her mother. Can I make her something?". Mister Wing nodded. "Yes; yes, Ryo! Deal with her. I have other important matter to deal with". And she nodded. And cooked some noodles in a black pan. Once it was cooked, she used the silvery tongs in her small, right, hand...and served it to Kira.


"Why was he mad?", Kira asked me. 

"Mister Wing's in charge of the restaurant...and kitchen. Is your father here to be with you?". Kira nodded. "Yes, he's getting drinks in the bar". Ryo nodded. "Let's find him after you've eaten". Kira smiled. Suddenly she saw her dead mother...and screamed.


"What happened?", Ryo said. 

"Mother! I...", Kira broke down in tears.

"She's dead". 

"No! She's a ghost". Kira hugged Ryo. Suddenly she saw her father. "Kira! What's the matter?", Lao said. Kira was crying. "She saw her dead mother", Ryo said. Lao shook his head. "She's dead! I don't believe in ghosts". He grabbed his daughter...and she waved at Ryo before she left the Restaurant.

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