The Dead in Japan A novel

Japan, 2015. Ryo, a Japanese waitress, finds out that the city is full of ghosts that are plaguing Tokyo. When she struggles to deal with them, she encounters several ghost hunters who want to get rid of the ghosts.


3. Epilogue


Ryo yawned. 

She walked towards the ​Tokyo Bridge Hotel​. She saw a lot of the Japanese people hurrying away from her. She saw a Chinese doorman called 'Mister Lee'. He was smiling at her. "Ryo...what's the matter?", he asked. Ryo's face was deathly pale. "I saw a ghost tonight", she answered him. And she went inside, and headed to the Reception Area, where she noticed Peter Chan, the Receptionist, speaking to a guest. When he was finished, Ryo waited. Two minutes' later, at about 7:30 PM, she spoke in Japanese. "I'd like a room for the night, please". Peter Chan, a young man in his mid-thirties, glanced at her. "Yes, room 56 is available". She smiled. "I'll have it". Then she grabbed the yellow coloured key in her left hand, and waited for Peter Chan to ring the bell that was on the brown desk. Suddenly a porter, Mister Andrews, an Irishman, grabbed her luggage that she had from her small apartment in the middle of Tokyo. She followed him upstairs, past the red carpet, and the doors. Room 56 was at the end of the spacious room. Ryo opened the door, and went in. She flicked the light on. "Thank you". And Mister Andrews nodded. He walked back downstairs, and headed to the Dining Room to have dinner...leaving her to deal with the ghosts herself.

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