Dream Walker

They only met in dreams not knowing that the other person was real and alive out there somewhere. When they eventually meet they find out that they're actually known as Dream Walkers and there are other people just like them.


2. Chapter 2

She grabbed her coffee and stepped outside onto the terrace overlooking the city, failing to notice the mint-haired guy who had left the cafe for some fresh air.

(Y/n) sat at one of the tables and looked up at the sound of her friends voice.

"Did you see that guy over there?" Meg pointed in his direction and wiggled her eyebrows at (y/n), who just rolled her eyes in response.

(Y/n) looked over at the railing and the first thing she noticed was his mint-green hair, then his side profile.

With widened eyes she abruptly stood up, knocking over her chair in the process and Meg just barely saved her coffee from spilling over.

"What's wrong, (y/n)?"

"No it couldn't be..."

The guy had heard the commotion behind him and glanced round to see what all the fuss was, only to stop in his tracks.

~~~~~~~ Yoongi's POV ~~~~~~~~

"I'm just going to step outside for a minute." His friends acknowledged what he said and then he stepped out onto the terrace.

He went over to the railings and rested his arms on them, looking at the world around him.

Thoughts of the girl still swam through his mind and as he watched the world play out before him, he could feel that she was also apart of it somewhere out there.

Then a crash sounded behind him, bringing him back to reality and he spun on his heel to see what was going on.

First he saw her long (h/c) and then her eyes, eyes he would recognise anywhere.

Was this for real?

Was he really seeing her? The real her?

Is this when dreams come true?

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