Cowboys and Daiseys

Rosaria Hanley has decided to escape her typical English life and jump in a plane to Canada! She’ll learn to trust and love again but will it end in tears? Rosie rediscovers herself and connects with old roots.
Join Rosie in her rediscovering life journey now!
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2. The first 4 hours🌻

I waddle along the track smiling. I’m so happy right now, I’m buzzing with excitement. I stop walking and leave my bags at the edge of the track and go and stand by a fence. There’s a gorgeous grey stallion staring at me, I gently click and it comes trotting over.

“Hey buddy” I whisper, scratching it behind his ears. I stand there for about five minutes talking and stroking the horse.

“Excuse me, miss” a handsome brunette male comes waltzing over in boots and a cowboy hat, “I’ll ask u kindly to step away from the horse” his face is stern and people from inside the building are slowly walking over.

“Oh I’m sorry, he just looked so friendly” as soon as I speak he looks at me strangely. “Oh I’m sorry I’m Rosie, from England I phoned earlier about staying here” I give one last stroke to the beast and grab my bags.

“What?” He looks at me flabagasted. I look at him through knitted brows until a lady comes over.

“Wow missy, I can’t believe Julius let u touch him” she stares at me,” Oh my gawd where r ma manours? I’m Kelsey the owner of this ranch” I smile at her and follow her to the house, walking straight past the boy. I look behind me to see Julius staring right at me. I shudder and walk inside.

“Okay so I’ll get Harley to drop u off at your cabin, and tomorrow you’ll start your work.” I had said on the phone I was looking for work and Kelsey jumped at the question.

“Thank u so much, I was wondering if by any chance I could work with the horses. Back in England I was training to be a vet until.... until I decided for a change in scenery” I smile warmly.

“Sure thing, hell maybe u can have a look at Julius” she chuckles.

The man walks in, “Come one let me show u to your cabin”

“oh thank u” I smile and follow him. We pile into his van while he drives us down a side track. “I’m Harley by the way” he says, not taking his eyes off the road.

“Rosaria” He chuckles.

“What” I snap

“you English people sure do love your names” he’s still laughing.

“Really cause back in England I rode a motorcycle called Harley” I smirk and get out the van. I take my bags and he chucks me the keys. I know exactly which my cabin is because all the other ones are small, Mine is huge! I listen to him drive off as I unlock the door.

The porch is wooden, beck the whole building is wooden. There’s a pile of fire wood and a cute white arm chair. Inside there’s a massive double bed and two little cabinets either side. I wonder further into the room and discover a fire place and in the corner there’s a small kitchen. There’s a sink under a window over looking beautiful Calgary country side. There’s a bathroom with a shower and a tub with a mirror filling one wall. The cabin I decorated with tartan and colours of red white and green. It’s very cosy.

I put my clothes away and freshen up, I head towards the house. I’ve changed into a pair of denim short shorts, a pair of converse and a flannel crop thing. Often I’ve been mistaken as a Victoria secret model and well u only have a seventeen year old body once. The weather is hot and it’s clinging to my skin. I walk up the the main house in ten minutes and go inside.

“Hello?” I say entering the house. There’s a note on the table saying their in the barn. I leave and head for it. I enter the barn and Hadley is staring at me.

“What?” I say patting a big brown shire horse,Bruce, on the neck.

“Nothing” he snaps saddling up a horse.

“Oh can I come”I say eargerly, “I’ve ridden before”

“I’m only going to the Market” he doesn’t look up from adjusting the straps.

“That’s perfect I need some boots anyway” he chuckles at my straight forward ness “okay then”

“Okay so who am I riding”

“First how good are u” he’s walking toward me.

“I would consider myself pretty good. I can jump and some over stuff”

“Okay then you’ll ride Hunter” he points at a big black beast.

“Wicked” my thick English accent seeps through the walls. I grab a saddle and sort Hunter out.

“Wear these” Harley says handing me a pair of boots.

“Okay” I slip them on.

Harley comes over to me,”Need help”

“When I said I could ride I meant it” I scoff and mount with out a flaw on my own.

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