Cowboys and Daiseys

Rosaria Hanley has decided to escape her typical English life and jump in a plane to Canada! She’ll learn to trust and love again but will it end in tears? Rosie rediscovers herself and connects with old roots.
Join Rosie in her rediscovering life journey now!
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8. Nova🌻

“Howdy” I say laughing.

“Hey Rosie” Kelsey responds walking me over to Nova who’s already saddled and ready to go. “This is nova.” She points to a gorgeous white horse.

“She’s beautiful!” I say I jump the fence and go and give her a pat to make her comfortable around me.

“I’d like to ride her, what level has she trained at” I direct my voice to, Shanon the owner of the horse.

“She competes and she rides at level 9” she’s full of sass and I can tell it’s killing her seeking for help. I smile warmly back and mount. I do a couple laps around the arena to warm her up, all eyes are on me and Nova. I announce each move, before I do it and present it perfectly with out flaw. Firstly I do a basic standing on the saddle and ace that. Then I attach my feet and lean over her rump, this returns with a brief whoop. A giant smile spreads across my face as I do a few dangerous moves. I present each perfectly. I dismount Nova and join the overs. Harley brings me into a tight embrace and Kelsey high fives me.

“Nova isn’t the problem” I say to the owner.

“Then who’s is it.” She challenges staring at me.

“It’s u” I say calmly.

“How dare u! U think because u can do a few tricks u get to say that to me! I do this professionally.” She raises her voice.

“Your wrong. I have in fact done done trick riding professionally. Google Rosaria Hanley and Dustin and then you’ll see.” I raise my voice as well and then say calmly, “look if u don’t want her anymore, I know people In England who will pay a pretty penny for her”

“Very well then. Give me their details.” She says stuck uply. I arch my brown and then she says rather impatiently, “Please”

I smile and write the details down. Harley gets Nova ready for departure and packs all her gear up. I lead Nova into the trailer and then she’s gone.

“Wow” I huff as I walk over to Harley, who’s saddling up Hunter.

“I know. You’ll get more like that. Already 5 people have requested for u to check their horses out” he chuckles placing his arms around my waist. He pulls me into a hug and I squeeze back

“Where u off too” I say pulling away siting into a stack of hay.

“I have to go and check out the fields, u coming?”

“Yeah but I wanna ride Julius” I Smile but then go dead serious.


“Don’t try and stop me I’m going to ride him today.”

“Okay” he light chuckles.

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