Cowboys and Daiseys

Rosaria Hanley has decided to escape her typical English life and jump in a plane to Canada! She’ll learn to trust and love again but will it end in tears? Rosie rediscovers herself and connects with old roots.
Join Rosie in her rediscovering life journey now!
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3. new boots🌻

We walk out of the barn and go into a trot.

“So, What u need from the market” i say casually as I’m bumping up and down.

“Supplies” He says rather sharply.

“Sorry I asked.” I snap and lead Hunter into a canter. I completely ignore him calling out to me and just focus on my breathing. Before I realise it me and Hunter are galloping and I’m screaming with delight.

“Wuhoo” I scream, a smile plastered on my face. I love the feeling of the wind, pushing my bright blond hair out my face and the feel of the leather rubbing against my thys. I bring hunter to a slow trot to let Harley catch up.

“When u said u could ride, I didn’t realise u meant that” he was gasping for air.

“Never underestimate a stranger.” I snap avoiding turning my head.

We arrive at the market and dismount- I ty Hunter to a beam next to some other horses and make my way to a boot booth.

“Hello” I smile to a cute old lady running the stand.

“U ain’t roun these here parts are ya missy” she lightly chuckles.

“No certainly not, I came from England I’m here to require some new boots, the cost isn’t a problem.” I smile.

“I’m sure I can sort somink out for ya, I’m Nancy by the way” she holds a delicate hand out to me, and I graciously take it.

“Rosaria but my friends call me rosie” I reply. “So what kinda rida u then” she says.

“Well I can jump, I’ve done jockeying, dressage and cross country and I also have an experience with trick riding” I blush when she responds, “wow now sugar u are something g special”

She hands me a pair of brown leather boots that are just below the knee with a fancy pattern engraved, for trail riding and day to day use. Then a pair of high end black jumping boots that also work for dressage and then a pair of white trick riding boots.

“These are exquisite, I’ll take all three” I smile with my eyes. “Okay now that’ll we 800 dollers” I smile and happily hand the money over. Harley was listening in and scoffed when I came back over to him.

“800” he smirks.

“Oh now don’t be jealous” I roll my eyes and but the boots in a bag to attach to the saddle. I mount and start to leave. “Rosaria!” Nancy calls out. She’s holding papers and comes and places a hand on my knee.

“Look at these will u, consider them please” she winks and waddles off. I smirk and with out looking shove them in my pockets. Harley had left me so I was going to have to navigate my own way home. Home. I sigh of relief escapes my lips. I’m so glad I’ve done this. I’ve been in Calgary for less than 6 hours and I already feel at home. When I eventually leave the bustling town behind me, I canter along the dirt trail. I arrive back at the ranch just in time for dinner. I give Hunter over to Harley and make my way to the house. We had mash potatoes and steak for dinner. They let me stay tonight as they new I hadn’t been shopping. We talked about horses and my plans. To be fair I hadn’t made many. Just job and boarding. I’m left with the feeling of uncertainty when I leave.

As soon as I’m in my cabin I collapse on my bed. I fall into a coma like sleep and pray tomorrow is good.

Okay so I don’t actually know where I’m going with thins I’m just gonna make it is as I go along! Like and comment and favourite this movella! Love u queens and kigs👑

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