Cowboys and Daiseys

Rosaria Hanley has decided to escape her typical English life and jump in a plane to Canada! She’ll learn to trust and love again but will it end in tears? Rosie rediscovers herself and connects with old roots.
Join Rosie in her rediscovering life journey now!
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7. Day 2 🌻

Harley left for his late last night. We were up till the early hours talking about life; about things that made us go tick. I yawn as the lazy sun rays beam through my room. I make my self a coffee and go out side and sit on my porch. I know I haven’t been here long but I’m starting to really like it here. I’m wearing an over sized salt rock t-shirt and a pair of fabric shorts. Comfort over style I always say. I pulled my hair into a low messy bun, pulling stands down at the front. I’ve got zero make up on and my freckles are starting to come through.

To the right of a cabin is a massive lake surrounded by dark green trees and mountains are silhouetted against them. The air is warm today and is starting to cling to my skin.

“Morning gorgeous” Harley struts over from where he’s just pulled up his van. I smile warmly at him and stand to greet him. He pulls me into a bear hug and kisses the top of my forehead that made me week at the knees. We go inside the cabin, and I make him a cup of coffee. While he sits on the couch, looking out the window, I change into some shorts and a thin pull over. It’s breezy out today but it’s still to warm for any real layers. I’ve put on my trick riding boots because today I’m meant to be looking at Nova- she’s a trick horse that’s in a rut. I leave my hair in a messy bun and don’t even bother with make up.

“U ready to go?” I say siting on his lap. I have a leg either side of him and he has his hands placed on my back.

“Almost” he kisses me softly. I grin and kiss back.

“Okay now I’m ready” he winks and opens the door for me.

I spring out of the cabin and jump into the truck. We drive up, jamming to some old rodeo classics and Harley has a hand on my thye the whole time. I stare at him as we drive up to the main house. He has a sharp jaw line and he’s muscular. When he pulls up I sheepishly get out of the truck.

“I need to apologies don’t I?” I say boredom. “Probs” he chuckles,”I’ll be in the barn” and with that he leaves. I walk up the porch stairs and open the door, hesitantly.

“Hello?” I realise everyone is all dressed and I’ve caught them just before they had left. The two girls are there and so is Kelsey.

“I would like to apologies for my behaviour last night. It’s wasn’t how I want u to think of me and for that I am very sorry” I say looking into all of there eyes. “Oh now don’t u worry bout dat. We know u were a little upset and we wanna know if your still okay to work with Nova.” Kelsey smiles warmly at me.

My face lights up and I smile a toothy smile, “Id love too!”

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