Cowboys and Daiseys

Rosaria Hanley has decided to escape her typical English life and jump in a plane to Canada! She’ll learn to trust and love again but will it end in tears? Rosie rediscovers herself and connects with old roots.
Join Rosie in her rediscovering life journey now!
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4. Day 1🌻

I wake up to hear drilling coming from outside. I lift my self out of bed, stretching like a feline. Last night I changed into my silk baby blue shorts pj set and it makes all my curves and lumps bigger it better. I open my front door to see Harley building some master piece.

“What on earth,” I check my watch “it’s 7:30?!” I scream over the drill. He laughs and walks over. He stares at me in awe and then starts opening his annoying big mouth.

“Kelsey said you trained to be vet. We need u to come look at Julius” he say, his eyes looking me up and down and pausing at my breast. “Yes that’s fine, give me 10 minutes and drive me up” before he can answer or object I walk into my cabin. I could literally feel his eyes burning into my ass.

I brush my wavey blonde hair and apply simple make up. I put on a pair of denim jeggings, a white crop top, my new brown boots and my papas old cow boy hat. It’s a light brown and u can see how aged it is. I chose to come to Calgary because my grand papa (papa) loved it here. Said it gave him the feeling of competent in a world full of confusion. He also said Calgary made him rediscover himself: gave him purpose.

I leave my cabin and get into Harley’s truck where he’s sat waiting. We drive up in silence. I don’t go over to the house, I just follow Harley into the outside arena. Julius is gorgeous. He has a black rump and it fades to white at his head. His mane is rugged and black and his eyes are big and brown. They are like giant holes. I go to open the gate but Harley pulls me back.

“That horse is dangerous. Won’t let anyone near him or ride him. He bites and kicks. He going to be sold if he isn’t ridden” he look me deep in the eyes, I break the me one right and jump the fence. Harley is trying to do something to me, flirt? Maybe but I’m not falling for him. I won’t no strings attached. I don’t even know how long I’ll be here for. Julius come and happily trots over to me and pushes his head against my arm.

“Hey buddy” I laugh while I give him a hug around the neck. Harley has called on everyone in the house to come and watch. He’s a big boy, towering over me. He makes Hunter look like a pony. I know for a fact no one can mount him with out help. Kelsey is videoing me and there are 2 girls my age and a lad a bit older than us standing with them. They’re all smiling at me with pride.

“Shall we give them a show buddy? Give them something worth keeping” I whisper and he huffs in response. I move backward still looking at him and he copies. I move to the right and so does he, we were in unison. I started running and he followed close behind, I’m laughing with excitement. The group are cheering for me and fist pumping. Kelsey is crying with happiness still recording.

“Shall we push it” I say holding his face inches from Mine. I walk over to the use of the fence and climb it. We’re going to attempt bare back.

He stands still and lets me sit on him. A huge sigh of relief escapes my lips and the group are silent watching intently. I gently start him into a walk and he obeys. We then go into a trot and go by straight past everyone. Julius gets excited and goes into a canter and then I get excited and go into a gallop. We parade around the enclosure. Everyone is either watching silently or cheering aggressively. I’m so proud of us.

I draw Julius to a stop and I did mount. I hold onto him and pat him, constantly telling him he’s a spectacular boy. I walk away and he follows.

“Okay buddy stay here for me and graze I’ll be back” and just like that he does. I run over to everyone and jump the fence. They all stare at me without a peep until they all erupt in a gigantic cheer and they all hug me.

“U were amazing!” A black haired girl squeaks. She’s my age and like me looks like a Victoria secret model.

“Thank u” I smile.Everyone calms down and heads to the house or barn.

I jump the fence and Julius comes trotting over tail in the air.

“So why me ay boy” I whisper scratching his ear. I look around to see Kelsey watching me intently. “Okay Julius, lay down” I go to sit on the floor and the most beautiful thing happens. Julius lys down. “That’s a boy Julius” I fish pump the air. I’m smiling uncontrollably. I go and sit on his back and he stands up. I pat him on the neck and am filled with so much pride.

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