Cowboys and Daiseys

Rosaria Hanley has decided to escape her typical English life and jump in a plane to Canada! She’ll learn to trust and love again but will it end in tears? Rosie rediscovers herself and connects with old roots.
Join Rosie in her rediscovering life journey now!
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6. Comforting Friends🌻 explicated content❌

I’m suddenly drawn to the attention of a figure walking past my window.

“Hey Rosie? U in there?” It’s Harley.

“Yes what do u want.” I sniff.

“Just wanna know if your okay”

“Well I’m fine” I snap. Stupidly I never locked the door so Harley waltzes in.

“Really cause your face says other wise” he started at me with those big brown beautifully stupid eyes.

“Just get out” I say standing up.

“Why?!” He snaps defensively

“because I said so!” I snap.

“Do u wanna know what I think” he walks closer to me stopping a few meters away from me.

“No!” I shout.

“I think your scared of what other people think” he voice turns to a shout.

“U don’t even know me! I’ve been here less than two flipping days!” I shout back. He marches up to me and grabs me by the waste pulling me closer to him.

“What are u doing” my voice comes out as barley a whisper.

“Shut up” he snaps in a low tone and pushes his lips against mine.

Surprisingly I kiss back and tangle my hands in his hair. He lets a soft moan escape his mouth while he picks me up by the butt. His tongue massages mine and his hands squeeze my bum. He pushes me up against the wall with my legs still around his waste. I can fell his bulge getting harder; I know I’m turning him on. I kiss deeper into his lips and Harley takes me over to the bed and lies on top of me. His hands tickle my bare legs and hip bone. A tingling sensation runs up my spin and I let out a gasp.

“Wait Harley” I say in-between kissing him. I don’t want to stop but I know I shouldn’t. I have to have more self respect than that.

“I know I know ” he pulls away and lays next to me. We’re both staring at the ceiling, Harley slips his hand into mine and squeezes it. When he called me baby, my heart flutter. It felt so right but so wrong. I turn on my side and look into his deep blue eyes, “ What does this make us”

“Ah I wanted to ask u something, will u be my girlfriend” a mischievous grin plays on his lips.

“I’ve known u for two days” I laugh.

“Two days and it feels like forever. I already want to spread every moment with you. U Rosaria Hanley are special.” I smile widely.

“Ok” I giggle and kiss him again. He’s so good at kissing. I can tell Harley is different. I’m excited to know what’ll happen. When I got here I didn’t want strings attached but I’m falling in love with this place, the people and the horses. Britain may be where I was born, but it certainly isn’t my home....

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