Cowboys and Daiseys

Rosaria Hanley has decided to escape her typical English life and jump in a plane to Canada! She’ll learn to trust and love again but will it end in tears? Rosie rediscovers herself and connects with old roots.
Join Rosie in her rediscovering life journey now!
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1. The beginning🌻

“Flight 347 is about to board” a muffled voice chants as I drag myself off the seat and head to gate 1. I shimmy along trying to avoid people’s feet as I board the plane. I take my seat and stare out the window. My heart is pounding out of my chest and I can barley breathe. I’m actually doing this. I’m actually leaving my family.


My name is Rosaria Hanley, and I’m a confused 17 year old. My whole life is a mess in England. My friends are all going off to college and my parents are ,well, parents. I’ve always dreamed off leaving home for a year and losing contact with them. I am a professional horse rider but in the recent comps I took a fall. No one will let me forget. Everyone is reminding me of how disappointing I am every minute. I need to get out. And today I’m actually doing it. I had already saved up 10 grand so I knew I could be away for at least a month. The whole reason why I left was so I could escape. I need this escape. I need to rediscover myself and just simply live. To stop worrying about grades and if my eye brows match. I splashed out on a one way ticket to Calgary, Canada And was packed and at the airport in 3 hours. I left a note for my parents exposing my self, so hopefully they’re content for a while. I’m deep in thought when a flight attendant tells me to buckle up.


The flight was exhausting but as soon as my foot touches Canadian soil I feel a burst of life rush through me. I dart my way to grab my luggage. The airport is hot and sticker so order a taxi quickly.

“Hi! I’m looking for a place to stay somewhere in the country and away” I say in my thick English accent to a woman managing hotels and stuff.

“Oh now that’ll be fine! Okay so if u take this taxi they’ll take ya straight to it” the woman says smiling through red lips. I thank her and jump into the taxi.

I can’t believe I’ve done this. I’ve actually done it! When the car pulls up out side a giant ranch i feel a huge weight lift of my shoulders. I thank him and step out. This is officially the start of my new life!

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