Bios - Catastrophe Warfare

In the age where genetically engineered humanity called [Bios] fights against the biologically unstable monsters known as [Chimeras], bloodthirsty battle commences.


10. Chapter One: Bloodfest

Bios - Catastrophe Warfare


The flames that once delivered devastating ashes to the sky became tamed once the rain had reached every surface of the land nearby. The Level Four Behemoth, which was in the middle of the spotlight, had possessed muscular humanoid built with a bull-like features that reminded of the Minotaur from the mythology. Walking desolately in the middle of the town painted in red by its preys, it wished to continue its bloodthirsty battles, but was somewhat downhearted to see that not a single person dared to go against him. He wondered if it was the end of honorable battles, where a challenger challenges him for a duel until each one of them takes his or her last breathing. However, just before he was about to change his hunting method, a shadowy figure had appeared before him. 


The Minotaur cried out in excitement as the way that this figure had held his weapons reminded him of the battle that he had few moment ago. Though he had brutally ended the life of the one who had given him the experience of a mighty fight, he had became somewhat lenient due to the thoughts that there would be no one who would perform better than that warrior. However, his own regulations hadn't permitted him to leave out anyone who witnessed him alive.

[Crimson Snake(紅巳)]

His blade, while approaching his enemy, became curved and unpredictable to guess on which direction the attack would land on. The Minotaur had already seen this technique once, so he had planned to counter it by breaking the reaching distance of the attack with his speed. Minotaur fluently lowered his entire body and used pent-up force inside of its legs to break its own limits. By the time that the Minotaur had closed the five meter distance within a period far less than that of a second, he had found himself empty handed as he couldn't feel the flesh of his prey.


He must have thought about this at that moment.

Instead of his claws crushing down on the flesh of the meager humans, he was the one who had received a fatal damage to one of his legs. When he had glanced down to see what the sense of discomfort and urging aching were, he had found that he had a curved wound that diverged his flesh from one piece to another. Though the wound was shallow and his fountains of blood managed to ease the sense of pain, he couldn't help but to have himself the explanations of how this had happened.

[Descending Meteor(流星)]

By the time when the Minotaur decided to tilt his body toward his back, he had discovered that the figure had already prepared for his second strike. It was as if he had been able to predict every succeeding movement of his, no, it was as if this figure had already known one step ahead of him. Since he couldn't have saved himself from this distance, he had decided to sacrifice his non-dominant left hands.


The sensation of a foreign materials diverging the pain-detecting nerves and the melting crimson liquid was more than sufficient to bring out the most primal instinct out of the mighty Minotaur. He, who should have been the most influenced by the ways of the warrior, learnt fear for the first time. 


It wasn't the overwhelming difference in physical specifications between the two as Minotaur had the advantage.

It wasn't the overwhelming difference in experience between the two as Minotaur had battled longer than him.

Then what was able to overcome these challenges?

Until the last moments, the once mighty Minotaur couldn't understand the reason why.


He understood more clearly than anyone that the person behind the jet black stained helmet had the qualities worthy of the true predator. Out of the hundreds of battles he had experienced, this was his first time that he understood what the Prey(Those who are inferior) felt and to what extent they would do to close down between their differences.





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