Bios - Catastrophe Warfare

In the age where genetically engineered humanity called [Bios] fights against the biologically unstable monsters known as [Chimeras], bloodthirsty battle commences.


8. Chapter One: Bloodfest

Bios - Castrophe Warfare


[Riel's Point of View]

Who could have expected that Carol would be lying in my arms drenched in fountains of blood, staring at me with her lifeless eyes? How could any of this happen to us? Just a few hours ago, we were in our bedrooms, discussing about whom we had our eyes on... 

I couldn't understand any of whats been going around here...

All I could see in the horizon was never ending ashes of flames and remnants of concrete debris. 

Even breathing became difficult in this place.

If only there was a person who could have us.

[Arnold's Point of View]

That cowardly Jonas couldn't even dare to move an inch away from that building... What a sore loser.

In the midst of mist of mixed debris, walking through the finely crushed concretes, I was beginning to see the figure of the Level Four Behemoth. We Bios are those who have been born with extraordinary abilities. Except for that weakling, Chris, each and everyone has potential to-


What just passed me?

Why is my arm drenched in a warm water...

No, wait.

Why can't I feel my arm!? 

I couldn't help but to cry in agony now that I realized how my arm had been severed cleanly.

How could this happen? I had always been in the top ten of the entire school when it came to physical strength. 

I haven't broke a single bone before... How can this be-


Why am I feeling cold now?

Why is same red liquid leaking from my chest?

Why is Jonas shouting at me?


What had been wrong with me?

I finally realized what had been going on now that I felt drowsy and lifeless.


[Jonas's Point of View]

What an idiot? The headmaster told that we shouldn't ever do anything other than to rescue civilians! 

I have to stop him before he goes anywhere further than that... 


What is that thing that looks like a bull...?


Where did it move to and why is...


Why is Arnold shouting? He shouldn't be getting in any more danger than that...

Oh god, his arm has been severed... He should recover his arm as soon as he can if he wants for the medics to attach it back...

Maybe I should have... Why can't I move my feet even though my friend is at danger? Move you idiotic leg... MOVE!

At any moment, Arnold could be killed...

No, it can't be... Arnold.... You were the one who I looked up to! You were my goal and a hero! You just can't die with a hole in your heart! Not without a fight!

...Why are you smiling right now?


Don't tell me that....that you are dead... 

What went wrong?



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