Bios - Catastrophe Warfare

In the age where genetically engineered humanity called [Bios] fights against the biologically unstable monsters known as [Chimeras], bloodthirsty battle commences.


7. Chapter One: Bloodfest

Bios - Catastrophe Warfare


The jet black helicopter soared midair and continued its path directly to the location where the disaster has been ongoing. In the middle of the night, I couldn't see anything but a uprising smokes from the vibrant flames from the ground. Even though we were at least hundred foot above the ground, I could feel the discomfort of the ground below. 

"Hey, Chris, read out the current statistics!" Headmaster ordered me.

As soon as his word had ended, a hologram panel with various of readings appeared in front of me. After taking a deep breathing, I began to read out these information in a calm and clear manner.

"There has been approximately 42,100 out of 89,010 who had been residents of this city and the rest with one third confirmed dead and two third missing. Out of the 17 Middle Class Bios, only 14 has been confirmed to be alive. Out of 324 Low Class Bios," My words trembled after this word.

"o...Only 206 has been confirmed to be alive..."

"Is that so..." Headmaster's expression became grim.

"...." I couldn't help myself but to grind my own teeth. 

[*PPPPTTTT*] A Warning Sign had appeared on the hologram panel.

"What is it?" Headmaster, who should have been calm at all times, became sensitive.

"Another, no, two Level Four has been confirmed to be below the surface!" 

"How? We weren't reported of this..." Headmaster became clueless for a moment.

"Watch out!" I warned them out for something that I didn't know, but my instinct did.


It was as if the lake underneath us had been divided into half, an enormous eel had devoured the tail of the helicopter.

"We will have to make an emergency landing!" The pilot shouted.

We held onto whatever was within our reach as we abruptly descended down the city. 


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