Bios - Catastrophe Warfare

In the age where genetically engineered humanity called [Bios] fights against the biologically unstable monsters known as [Chimeras], bloodthirsty battle commences.


5. Chapter One: Bloodfest

Bios - Castrophe Warfare


After walking past the concrete hallway and to the area known as the girl's kitchen, I found myself digging up every single closet to find a chef knife. It should have been there by the second counter, but...

"Hey! Guess who's here?" Someone deliberately blocked my sight with warm, soft hand.

Guessing from the voice, it was obvious who she was, but I had to be lenient with something like this. 

"Olivia? Sophia? Isabella? Emma? Or is it..." I gently turned my head around.

"Who other than me would pull this trick on you?" Carol, low class Bios, revealed herself.

"Is that the kid named Chris who's there?" Another voice echoed from the second floor.

"Who else dares to walk to this area except for him?" Carol responded.

"Tell him to stay where he is!" The voice shouted.

"He won't be going anywhere, so-" Before Carol finished her sentence, a figure skipped the stairs and went straightforward down from the second floor.

"Riel, I won't mind you sliding down the staircase, but don't jump down from second floor. Look at all the dents who made to the floor," Carol couldn't help herself but to be strict on Riel. 

"Sorry~ Sorry~" Riel gave Carol a light apology.

"Anyway, what are you here for?" The two of them asked me.

"I need some utensils to make an omelet, but I think its in the third closet and I can't reach it..."

"Could you help me?" 

"Sure thing-" 

With an abrupt cracking noise, a knife had fell down from the fourth closet.

"That was dangerous..." 

"Who knew that you saved me from falling knife right now?" Carol turned her eyes onto me.

"Do you have a foresight or something?" Her eyes meet with mine.

"Are you seriously believing in that?" Riel crossed her arms.

"For us, the only thing you could have got from that knife would be a small scratch."

"I know, but..."

"..." I kept quiet.

"Its late already. We would be in trouble if we were to waste any more time here," Riel leaped to the second floor.

"Goodnight, Chris," Carol hurried upstairs.

I felt slightly bad that I couldn't defend her in an argument.

It was something that I can't reveal to anyone. 


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