Bios - Catastrophe Warfare

In the age where genetically engineered humanity called [Bios] fights against the biologically unstable monsters known as [Chimeras], bloodthirsty battle commences.


4. Chapter One: Bloodfest

Bios - Catastrophe Warfare


Though I didn't realize until I reached onto my room, I felt bit lighter now that I nearly forgot about what had happened in the evaluation room. All of the tense emotion inside of me had been wiped away now that I had to turn my eyes onto something else. Maybe this was only thing good about them. 

"Mmmmmmmm..." Now that I had became relaxed, my stomach growled from loneliness and my mind told me that it would be dangerous to be this empty. I wanted to dive into my bed, but proper food was the first thing.

I checked my lights before I closed the door, went down the staircase, and tried to find few utensils in the shared kitchen. When I found out that there hadn't been any utensils in the closets, I went to the kitchen near the girl's dormitory. 

The dormitory had been divided by an imaginary line called the "boy's side" and the "girl's side". I honestly don't have a clue on who made these term first but it seems that none of us have any complaint about that. Officially, the only true gender divided areas on the dorm was the living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, which were basically eighty percent of the halved building. The reason why I am mentioning this out of nowhere is because that I have complaint with all of the girls taking utensils away from our side of the kitchen.

I honestly think that there isn't problem in taking them at a time like valentine... Never mind. 

Anyhow, it seems that the only person who was allowed to enter the girl's side of the dorm and you will see the reason why soon. Now, silent with the talking, I walked past the concrete hallway and made my way to the unexplored region. I couldn't help myself but to laugh in a situation where I am exaggerating about entering a kitchen...

Honestly, I want to quit talking about this and have a nice and warm omelet or fried rice...

Maybe a combination of both.

Maybe I know which is a better choice?

After all, this isn't a scientific fiction story. 



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