Bios - Catastrophe Warfare

In the age where genetically engineered humanity called [Bios] fights against the biologically unstable monsters known as [Chimeras], bloodthirsty battle commences.


2. Chapter One: Bloodfest

Bios - Catastrophe Warfare


[Five Level One behemoth in the front and a two Level One Ziz behind]

Taking a deep breathing, I bent my knees to avoid the abrupt diving of the Ziz that resembled that of an eagle's dive. Next, I pulled out my knives from my thigh and threw it to the one in the middle, causing the blades of the knife to penetrate and dig into its flesh. When I had confirmed that their five-men formation has been broken, I saw incoming Ziz from the horizon. 

Ziz, though their size may be far larger than that of ordinary birds, has speed that easily exceeds one hundred and fifty miles per hour, meaning that its dive using its claws will merely rip out your fleshes. However, this approach has been proved to have a fatal weakness: The target must be within its flight path.

This basically meant that if I was to turn slightly bit to the either directions before it unleashes its deadly claws, then I did have the chance to narrowly avoid the attacks. With this theory in my mind, I pushed the Level One Behemoth on my right side into its trajectory. 

"Kkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaa!!!" The chimera's high pitch cry echoed throughout the room.

Its razor sharp claws have penetrated through the fleshes of the weak behemoth and he flew up toward the sky again, but it seems that it will take time for it to wait for another skydive at me. 

While the Ziz Chimera had been reassembling its weapons, I took the best of the advantages of this time to slaughter everyone of the other wolves with my knife. When I was finally finished with the process, it seems that the Ziz chimera also had been finished with its business. 

The two of us exchanged glances with another and, without wasting any more time, the gigantic falcon gracefully lowered itself toward the ground. Its wings now onto its side, its body begin to accelerate at every blink of an eye. I knew better than anyone that I can't withstand this type of attack head on, so I waited until the last moment.

"KKKKKKAAAAAAAAA" The falcon's cry grew dangerously near.

Wait for it... 

I ran away from my fear by relying on my sense of touch, not my sight. 


I immediately opened my eyes only to find that the falcon was slowing its speed down to maneuver its claws. Without wasting any moment of hesitation, I used my long sword to penetrate through its heavily guarded skin into that of its fatal organs. Though it was supposed to be my enemy, I couldn't bare to feel the sensation of thrusting in a sharp knives onto something that was once living. When I looked at my hand covered in its fresh blood, I felt terrified.

[Arena Finished]

[Trial 512 Over]

[Return back to the dorm]


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