Justin Bieber’s human mate

Pop star Justin Bieber, has a big secret that will change his life. When that secret leads to him his soul mate, what will happen? Will Bella love or hate Justin. Read to find out


10. Chpater 8

Justin and I exit the tour bus after talking for a few minutes with Kenny, his body guard. As soon as the three of us exit the bus, you can hear the screams form Justin’s fans/beliebers. They go even more wild when Justin kisses my cheek. Soon enough we are in the hotel, and almost to our room. After walking for about a few minutes we have reached our destination. Justin unlocks the room door, and walks in, pulling me in with him. When we walk in, my jaw drops. The room or condo is beautiful it’s all white. The decorations and pictures are beautiful! Everything is in the right place.

Justin- babe close your mouth your going to get flies in there.

Justin starts to do a little laugh as I close my mouth. I start to wonder around a little, and I found the fridge. I quickly open the fridge and get out the pizza and heat it up in the microwave. 

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