Justin Bieber’s human mate

Pop star Justin Bieber, has a big secret that will change his life. When that secret leads to him his soul mate, what will happen? Will Bella love or hate Justin. Read to find out


8. chapter 6

Justin starts to bend his head down a little and starts to lead into my head. Right before we were about to kiss, someone knocked on Justin’s door. He groans and pulls away.

Justin- who is it?

????- your mom, I’m just here to tell you that your dad and the kids will be here tomorrow, for a week or two. We are also at the hotel, if you wanna go in. Kenny with be on the couch, just tell him when you are ready to go. 

Justin- okay mom be there in a minute.

Pattie- okayyyy. Better not be doing anything in there to that poor girl.

Justin then blushes a really really red, and hides his face in the crook of my neck.

Justin- MMOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM, we aren’t doing anything in here, leave my mate alone.

Pattie- don’t talk to me like that, I will whip your ass.

Justin okay, sorry mom

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