Justin Bieber’s human mate

Pop star Justin Bieber, has a big secret that will change his life. When that secret leads to him his soul mate, what will happen? Will Bella love or hate Justin. Read to find out


3. Chapter 2

I go down to the first row of seats, right in front of the stage and sit down in a seat. Soon enough, the principal comes on stage with a microphone and starts to say:

Principal- Good morning students! You all might be wondering why I have asked you to come to to the gym, well I have someone who is looking for their mate, and has asked me to gather up all of my students in one room. 

Now, I just get up from my seat and start to walk out of the gym, but I had run into something hard, like a brick wall. When I do, I fall down, on my butt and it hurt really bad, so I just wince. 

????- hey! Don’t hurt my mate ever again, I don’t care even if I tell you to!

Wait,what! Did I just hear that correctly, I slowly look behind me, to see Justin Bieber? Walk towards me, in a fast pace. I quickly get up and run out of the gym, I’m a pretty fast runner, so I’m sure he won’t catch up with me. I quickly find a girls bathroom, and run in there, and find an empty stall. Soon enough, I’m pucking my guts out. I can’t be this guys mate, can I? No, God is just playing a silly trick on me. I rinse my mouth out with the water and some toothpaste, yes my school has toothpaste in their  bathrooms. When I’m done, I walk out of the bathroom, to come in contact with another hard chest, but it wasn’t as hard as it was last time. 

Bella- douche! Look where the hell your going next time! 

I scream and look up to see a furious face, of JUSTIN BIEBER I seriously hate this guy. Then I realized that this wasn’t a dream, or a trick. It was real, I was Justin Bieber’s mate. I run back into the stall, and throw up even more, soon feeling a hand in my back, and I start to cry, knowing who it was. I’m just sitting in the bathroom floor, crying because I’m Justin stupid Bieber’s mate!

All of a sudden, the world goes black and I can’t see anything but blackness. I soon start to hear what it sounds like to be my mom?

Allison- Bella, your fine Justin won’t hurt you, I will be seeing you soon baby, me and your father both love you so much, don’t forget that. 

I wake up from my sleep to se that I’m in a bus? From what it looks like, I was placed on a bed, a really comfortable bed to be precise. Then, I hear a groan come from next to me. And I start to cry, because of what my mom said to me, and because I’m really scared, I have no idea where I’m at. 

????- Babygirl, why are you crying, are you alright, are you hurt do you not feel good? 

I just looked at him and cried even harder, closing my eyes. Remembering what my mom said, and kept repeating her words in my mind.

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