Justin Bieber’s human mate

Pop star Justin Bieber, has a big secret that will change his life. When that secret leads to him his soul mate, what will happen? Will Bella love or hate Justin. Read to find out


21. Chapter 19

It has been only a few hours since I got this new pup, and it's already driving me insane. It keeps on wanting to cuddle on my head, with my beanie, but I keep on taking the puppy off. Now, you're probably wondering, is it a boy or a girl, it's a boy. I was thinking of calling it Rocky, but I don't know. Justin left again, he just leaves and won't return for a few hours. I wonder what hes doing during those hours that he's gone? My puppy is 3 months old by the way, so he can walk and almost run. I grab his leash, and hook him up to it, and walk outside of the hotel room. I pick him up and enter the elevator, once I get off of the elevator, I put him back on the ground, and walk outside, towards the grass. After a few minutes of my puppy just walking around, I hear a little shriek come from behind me. I turn around and see about six girls coming my way. I just smile and wave at them. I walk my dog around the corner, and them I hear a soft 'wait.' I turn around, and the girls are there. 

Girl#1- can we take a picture with you please? 

Bella- Yea, sure. Can I ask why?

Girl#2- We are all Beliebers, and we love Justin sooooo much. Whoever Justin loves, we love.

Bella- oh... yea okay

After a few minutes of taking pictures with the girls, I feel a presence behind me, and the girls squeal. Rocky runs catching me out of surprise, I try to get his leash, but doesn't work. I turn around to go get Rocky, and I see him rubbing himself on a bigger/HUGE brown wolf. Behind me a few feet. I gasp and start to feel my legs go numb. I fall on the ground, and black out. The last thing I remember is the wolf running towards me. 

I wake up in what looks like a hospital room. I heard beeping, and feel an iv in my arm. When I pull the IV out of my arm............

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