Justin Bieber’s human mate

Pop star Justin Bieber, has a big secret that will change his life. When that secret leads to him his soul mate, what will happen? Will Bella love or hate Justin. Read to find out


19. chapter 17

Jermey- what the hell is going on?

Jazzy- were just playing Daddy, it’s fine. 

Jermey just looks at me and looks soulless for about 5 minutes. How the hell do they keep on doing that? I’ll have to ask Justin later on, when we are alone. I get up to go grab a bottle of water, when I do, I was pulled aside by Justin. 

Justin- hey, you okay?

Bella- yeah, I’m fine.

I say with a fake smile. The problem is that my best friend in the whole entire world, Ariana. Is still at our old high school, I didn’t get to say goodbye before I left. I wonder how she is doing? No, Ariana Grande is not my best friend, it’s Ariana Zolciak. I walk into the living room, and turn on the tv. I turn to the channel, E!. Yes, I like that show, don’t judge. The topic being Justin. 

Reporter- it seems like Justin Bieber broke up with Selena Gomez, and has found his mate! Good for him. He was also spotted out with what looked like a baby Pomsky in his hands!

(If you don’t know what a Pomsky is look it up, it’s the most adorable thing ever!) 

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