Justin Bieber’s human mate

Pop star Justin Bieber, has a big secret that will change his life. When that secret leads to him his soul mate, what will happen? Will Bella love or hate Justin. Read to find out


16. chapter 14

I whisper to myself while getting up out of the warm and comfortable bed. I walk out of the room trying to find Jermey. After a minute of wondering around I found Jermey, Jazzy, and Jaxon. Let me explain, before my mom and dad ‘died,’ I used to babysit Jaxon and Jazzy for money. 

Bella- Jazzy!!!!!! Jaxon, look how big you guys have gotten! 

Jazzy looks at me and runs to me, while I pick her up, and put her on my hip, hugging her. Jaxon walks over to me, and just hugs my leg. Jaxon is 4 years old, Jazzy is 5, almost 6 in a few months. I love these kids, their SOO kind and funny. I set Jazzy down, and hug Jaxon, twirling him around im my arms around in a circle.

Bella- how have you guys been?

Jermey- they’ve been sad because they couldn’t see you.

I look over at Jazzy and Jaxon, and they look like their on the verge of crying.

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