Justin Bieber’s human mate

Pop star Justin Bieber, has a big secret that will change his life. When that secret leads to him his soul mate, what will happen? Will Bella love or hate Justin. Read to find out


2. Chapter 1


Bella’s Point Of View 

I HATE wolves. My parents were killed by a pack of wild wolves. Ever since then, I’ve been homeless, I get some money when I play in the side of the curb on the street, but it’s not enough to buy myself a house. I go to a public school, and get picked on a little, in my school they teach us about werewolves and vampires, like what they do and don’t eat, and what they look like. 

It started to pour outside, so I hurried up and ran into the first building I had seen. It was a Burger King. I might as well get something to eat while I’m here. When I’m done ordering and got my food, I go over to a booth and sit there while eating my food. I start to watch the t.v that they have in here. 

Ellen DeGenerous- so Justin, it’s nice to have you on here tonight, so I was wondering, your a wolf right? 

Justin- yes I am

Ellen- so, Selena Gomez your mate?

Justin- no, Selena is not my mate, and I have told her that and she’s fine with it.

Ellen- do you know where your mate is? Or who she is?

Justin- no, I don’t, but hopefully I will get to see her soon. 

Ellen- okay, well that’s it, thank you for coming we will see you next week! 

And the show ended, I get up and by now the rain has stopped, and I walk outside, going to school. It only takes me a minute or two to walk to my school, and when I do the principal announced over the intercom, to report to the gym. I start to walk to the gym, and I get this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, it must be nothing.

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