The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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11. Well.. pirate



 I am worried about Ben, he seems so pale and fragile and the bleeding only made him look worse. So I am standing totally in my own thoughts folding up clothes, when I suddenly feel someone grabbing my ass, and then I hear a drunken whisper. "Well hallo there sexy, you and me are going to have some fun".

 "Please don't touch me Phipp". I try to move away. I never liked Phipp, he seems so sleazy to me and I always had the feeling Ben didn't really like him either.

 He chuckles evilly. "Oh no my dear, I have had my eyes on you for a long time, and now I don't want to wait any longer".

 I start to panic and struggle, I know Ben has been protecting me. A lot of men sees this as their rigth and the soldiers probably wouldn't dare help me even if they saw it. The thought of another man touching me makes me faint and nausiated.

 "Don't you feel nice and soft, a little scrawny but that is okay". His hands is on my legs running up under my dress, he is using his body to press me down on the table.

 He is trying to pull down my underwear and I feel the tears stream down my face. But then I hear the most welcome voice in the world. Ben's voice is cold as ice. "Let her go Phipp. Let her go rigth now and leave".

 "Protecting your little whore I see". Phipp says, pushing me away. Suddenly he has his sword in his hand. "You will be dead soon anyway, but why don't I end you misery right now ?"

 Ben pulls his sword. "Phipp don't do this, think of your family. Just leave, leave and never show your face here again. And well just forget this".

 "Always playing the hero Ben. Thinking you are better than the rest of us". He hisses, slowly moving closer to Ben. I am so scared for him, knowing he is weak and dizzy.

 Phipp attacks Ben, who swiftly parry his sword. Phipp's voice is acidic. "I should let you die slowly and painfully, but I will take great joy in personally ending you".

 I feel like screaming as I watch the fight, I am so scared that it will be to much for Ben. That he is to weak to win. That Phipp could actually kill him.

 Phipp get a stab through, luckily it only graces Ben's arm and as Phipp opens himself up doing it, Ben pushes through, his sword impaling Phipp's stomach. He looks down, caughing. The he smiles at Ben with blood stained teeth. "You are still going to die and there is nothing that stupid priest can do".

 Ben falls to his knees at the same time as Phipp crumbles, breathing hard and ragged and I run to him as his sword clatters to the floor. "Ben, are you okay ? Look at me babe".

 I fall to my knees next to him, only just managing to catch him , cradling his head in my lap. Soldiers come running. And I tell them to get Ben to his room and to get the priest.

 In his room the lay him down on the bed and I stay by his side, he looks so pale and weak, his breath shallow and laboured. What if Phipp was right ? What if he is going to die ?

 He reaches out to grab my hand. "Are you okay my love ? He didn't hurt you, did he ?" His voice so concerned and filled with love that I started to cry.

 "No, I am okay Ben. You saved me. Please focus on yourself, on getting better". I say softly. I can't believe that I am still his main concern.

 He coughs violently, and desperately squeezes my hand. When he can finally breathe again he looks up at me. "I don't think I will darling. I fear I am dying".

 I want to scream, tell him no, but I fear the same. Hendry finally arives and looks him over again, saying that he has to be bleed again, that the disease is poisening his blod.



 Finally the sky clears, it had really been touch and go for a while there and it had taken every inch both physically and mentally to get us through it. I leave the wheel to one of the crew, telling him Ken will be up in a mement and then go to my cabin.

 I knock the door and Ken open it, I walk in. "Go take the wheel, steer towards pirates bay. We need a new mast, but we should be able to make it. I need to sleep".

 "Aye aye Captain". He says. "She is finally sleeping. She seemed to mostly worry that you were okay". He nods toward the bed.

 I pull of my wet clothes and walk over to the bed. Isolde is sleeping restlessly, whimpering and tossing. I slide down beside her and immediately she moves toward me like a blind kitten. I hold out my arms and she slides into them, sighing and her whole body relaxes.

 "You are going to be the death of me". I whisper, pressing my lips to the top of her head before letting myself drift of to sleep.


 I am awakened by Ken knocking on the door. "Cap, we are in pirates bay in about an hour". And I call back. "Thanks, I'll be up in 15 minutes".

 "Darling, you need to wake up, we are in the harbour in an hour". I am wondering if her kissing me was only because of the excitement or if there was real feelings behind it. Part of me hope for the first, for her sake. But oh how I want to kiss her again.

 Her eyes spring open and she looks almost panicked. "We can't be there already. We are only about halfway there. How long have I been sleeping ?"

 "Relax Issie. We are docking at parrots bay also affectionately known as pirates bay". I tell her softly, my hand coming up to gently cradle her face. I lean closer, watching her mouth, seeing how her lips part sligthly in anticipation. Hearing her moan lowly as our mouths connect.

 When I gently break the kiss, feeling light headed and slightly dizzy, she smiles at me. "Oh I heard of pirates bay. Is it really a whole town with only pirates and such ?" Her eyes are shining excitedly.

 "A small town, but yeah, this is were pirates meet to trade, sell their goods, relax a bit". I tell her, feeling her hand, slowly crawl from my hip, up to my chest, making me catch my breath.

 She bite her lip looking up at me, her nails slowly running over my skin. Oh God I wish we could just stay here. But right now I have things to do. Her voice excited. "Is it bad that I think this sounds wonderful ?"

 "Not at all darling. But if you want to go from board with me, well we need to do something about your clothes. A princess here or anykind of woman looking to come from riches would be at very high risk of abduction or even worse". I tell her.

 She looks a bit scared at first, but then she breathes in deeply. "Fine, I trust you. But I don't exactly have any clothes usable I think".

 "I think I got some". I say rolling of the bed, going to a casket and opening it, I rummage around a bit, pulling some things out. When I walk back she is standing beside the bed. "Try this on darling, I think it will fit you".

 She looks at the clothes, then at me, pursing her lips. "So you just happens to have women's clothes laying around just in case".

 "Oh my dear, you are not the first woman to spend time on this ship". I can help smirking at her. Okay I might be pushing her a bit to see her reaction.

 Her jaw tenses and she steps up to me, slapping me hard on the chest. "Uh Tom, you.. you scoundrel. You can keep your sleazy women".

 I laugh and grab her wrists, pulling her into me. "Does it really matter that there has been women before ? As long as there is no others now or in my future ?" My lips capture her and she only fight me for a moment, then she melts into me.

 When I let her go, she sends me a glare, muttering something under her breath about me being utterly impossible. But she goes and puts on the clothes. Tight leather pants, a white of the shoulders frilly blouse showing the top of her breasts, and a black leather corset, that.. well pushes her breast even more up. She looks absolutely sexy and I might have groaned slightly when she twirl in front of me.

 She giggles and smile at me. "I have never worn a pair of pants before, I actually like it". She says, twirling again.

 I grab her, my hands on her ass, my throat dry, as I pull her to me, kissing down her neck. "Oh I like it too, very much and we better get out of here before I rip the clothes of you".

 "Tom ! You naughty boy". She slaps me on the chest, but she is giggling. I shrug slightly and wink at her. "Well.. pirate !"

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