The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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19. To save a country



 I have been spending my evening playing cards with Ken, waiting for Tom to return to the ship. He has rowed ashore to talk to the prince and even though he asured me that the prince would never harm him, I am scared to death that he won't return.

 So I almost fall of my chair when the door is opened amd Tom walks in. He comes over to me. Giving me a quick kiss. "Issie I got someone out here who would like a word with you. It is the prince and don't worry, he isn't mad. He just want you to make the right choice".

 "But.. but I know what I want Tom". I feel panick grow inside me. I want Tom, I have no doubt. But I suddenly get a feeling that he has changed his mind here.

 He takes my hand kissing it softly. "Just listen to him, okay. This is so much bigger than just you, me and him and our personal wishes and happiness. It is your choice and I will support you no matter what".

 "I'll talk to him and see what he has to say". I say with a sight. I am scared this conversation could change everything.

 Tom nods and waves for Ken to follow him out. As soon as they are outside a man steps through the door. So this is the prince, my betrothed. He really are handsome, with beautiful eyes and fluffy dark hair. He isn't as tall as Tom but a bit broader build. He sends me a beautiful a bit nervous smile.

 "My princess, an honour to finally met you". He steps over to me, taking my hand and kissing it galantly. "I have spoken with Tom. It seems we have a lot to discuss".

 "Your Highness". I bow my head lightly. Honestly I immediately like him and hadn't I met Tom, I would have been happy to marry this man. Everything about him speaks of a gentle and warm soul.

 He holds the chair for me to sit, before he sits down himself. He looks at me, taking my hand in his over the table. "First thing, you are free to make your own decision, I won't hold you to any promises, you are free to break the engagement if you feel it is the right thing for you and there will be no reprisals on our part".

 I nod and he tells me everything. About him falling in love with a young woman and her being pregnant. I can feel he truly loves her and it touches me. But the consequences if me and him don't get married is the kingdom falling to his uncle. An uncle that has tried poisoning him and who will surely ruin the kingdom. He tells me that even his father hasn't admitted it, he is not well and that is his reason for pushing his son to marry, to save his beloved country.

 He is also afraid of my fathers reaction and I know he is smart to be. My father is not a kind man, he might act aggressively. And I know me and Tom would never be safe, my father would haunt him relentlessly.

 "If we go through with this, how would it work out then Ben ? What would you expect from me, as a wife". I ask him. I need to know if he expects me to step up to all the duries of a wife.

 He actually blushes in a very cute way, looking at his hands. "Not much. Just you know live in the castle be there for things were people expect to see the Queen. We need to keep up pretences by sharing a room at least in the beginning. But I wouldn't.. I couldn't.. Tom can visit you when he is ashore, I wouldn't mind as long as you made sure no one found out".

 "But you do realise that I am pregnant with Tom's baby right ?" I tell him, I don't know if Tom has told him that.

 He nods. "Tom told me on the way here. Honestly it is perfect". I might have looked a bit funny at him. He chuckles. "Well we would need to.. produce an heir. With you already pregnant, we wouldn't have to.. you know".

 "And what about you ? What about the girl you love, would you keep up that relationship if we were married ?" I ask him. Searching his eyes for the truth.

 He bite his lip. "I love her with all my heart, and if it was in any way possible without causing pain and death to thousands of innocent people I would give up the throne to be with her. But if you couldn't accept it I would respect your wish as my wife. But I would take care of her and the baby".

 "You would let me have Tom, you don't want to sleep with me, you would raise Tom's baby as your own, possibly taking over the theone and you would give up the love of your life for the good of your country ?" He nods slowly, drying a single tear from his eye and I can't help it, I get up and go hug him. "You are a much better king than nobody has ever deserved. But I would never ask you to give up on love".

 "Thank you". He says, drying his eye again. "I just wish I had it in me to just run away, but I can't. What do you say princess ?"

 "Let's do this. I made a promise and you are right, the happiness and safety of a country and the people is much more important than our personal lifes". I say. After all this is what I was raised to do.

 "Thank you princess". He hugs me softly. "I will get this taken care of as fast as possible so no one will question your pregnancy".

 "Just one thing Ben". He looks expectingly at me. "Stop calling me your Highness and princess. Please say Issie". He smiles and takes my hand kissing it. "Till I see you again Issie".



 I spend the night with Naria in my arms. I don't sleep at all. I just hold her and look at her, watching the small faces she makes in her sleep and listening to her small sounds. I am hating myself for doing this to her. For doing it to Isolde and to Tom.

 Part of me just want to wake her and ask her to run away with me right now. Maybe we could get Tom to sail us away. We could go to some country far away the four of us, starting a new life. But I can't do it to my father.

 I try to keep back the sound when I bury my face in her hair and cry, wishing I was someone else, that I was free to love whomever I want. I feel so lost. Why did I have to find true love when I can't have it ? That just isn't fair.

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