The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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10. Through the storm



 It is quite impressive how no one question Tom's command, like he is a king. To be honest almost everything about him is impressive and I have more than once found myself thinking that if he had just been the prince I would have been a happy woman.

 I watch as the crew readies the ship. Tom looks more and more concerned as he watch the horizon. And when Ken comes back to tell him the ship is ready he answers. "Good, we can't get around this, we have to go through it".

 And then I see it, the horizon turning pitch black, only lighted by lightnings splitting the darkness and I shudder. It seems dangerous and scary. My hand gripping Tom's arm. "Are we going to make it through ?"

 "I promise you, I will get us through". He says softly but very passionately, placing one hand on top of mine, his eyes boring into mine are the same colour as the sky rigth after a storm clears. "Do you trust me Issi ?"

 "Yes Tom, I trust you". And I truly do. If Tom tells me he will get me through this, I trust him to do that. He smiles softly at me and Ken clears his throat. "Anything else captain ?"

 "Take the princess to my cabin and guard her there". He says and Ken nods, making a motion for me to walk ahead of him.

 I cross my arms on my chest, glaring at Tom. "Ah ah Captain, I am not going to sit in the cabin from now til the storm is over. I am staying here with you".

 "Don't be stubborn darling. It is going to get messy and dangerous out here, please go inside with Ken". He is using his captains voice now.

 But I shake my head. "That doesn't work on me Tom, I want to stay here with you". He rubs his face, then he sighs. "Okay for now. But if I tell you that you need to go inside you have to do it okay ? Or I'll have Ken carry you".

 The wind is picking up and it has started raining lightly. Luke comes running and climp up on my shoulder, trying to hide under my hair. I reach up to scratch him behind his ear. Tom chuckles. "He really likes you".

 "I actually like him to, now when I know him". I say, the little monkey is actually sweet and quite funny and it seems to understnd everything Tom says to it.

 "Now Luke, kiss Issie goodnight and run down in the cabin before the weather gets worse". He says, and Luke puts his little paws on my face and kisses my cheek, before scuddling of.

 The darkness decent on us and it is eeriely beautiful in some ways, the golden and blueish lightenings chasing each other through the dark sky. The waves looking like they are topped with whipped cream. The ship has started rolling.

 "I know it is supposed to be scary, but it is kind of exhilarating". I feel my blood roaring through me. In some way it makes me feel more alive.

 Tom grins, I can see that he totally gets what I mean. "It is the the thrill of the danger, it gets you kind of high, makes your body heated with excitement".

 I bite my lip looking at him. He is right, my body feels heated and jittery. I kind of feel wild and reckless. Like the dark churning skies and the crashing waves. "Can I steer the ship ?"

 "It isn't at easy as it looks, not in this weather. But you are welcome to try". He removes one hand taking a step back, still keeping a hand on the wheel. Giving me space to walk in between him and the wheel, and that is what I do.

 I put my hands on the wheel. Tom takes one hand and moves it a bit, then the other hand and move that a bit. "There, perfect darling".

 "I am ready". I say, feeling his hard warm body press into me. His breath tickles my ear as he leans in whispering. "Hold on tight darling. I am letting go and it will try to get away from you, she is hot blooded this one. She will fight you".

 And then he lets go, placing his hand on my hip instead. Shit he is rigth, it feels like the ship is figthing me. She is furious. Figthing the storm. And she feels jealous. I feel weird thinking that. But I actually feel like the ship don't like me, like she don't like her captains hand being on another woman. And they are I suddenly realise. Both his hands are on my hips, holding me against him.

 The ship are really rolling on the waves now, the stern ducking totally under, every time we reach the bottom of a wave. We are both drenched from the rain and the spray of the waves and my arms start to hurt from holding the ship under control.

 "I better take her back now". He whispers in my ear, and moves his hands back on the wheel. But he doesn't give me space to move. I am still pressed against him. And suddenly I can feel his warm lips on my neck, making me gasp and press myself more back.

 I can hear his breathing, it is shallow, and his lips are so warm against my cool skin. I gasp again when he suddenly bite me, were my neck connect with my shoulder. But then his tongue run over the skin soothing the sting and I moan.

 When I turn in his arms his eyes are burning into mine, knowing we are alone here in the raging elements I let my instincts take over, crashing my lips into his. I hear him moan into my mouth. Our lips moving together. Suddenly there is a large crash and I whip around.

 The large mast has been hit by lightning and the upper third has crashed into the sea. Ken is suddenly beside us and Tom yells. "Take the wheel Ken, I need to cut it loos or it will pull us over".

 Ken takes the wheel and Tom gives me a quick kiss. "Wait here my dear". And he is on the deck, climbing the broken mast, holding on with only one hand as he cuts the rope.

 The ship starts to tilt, threatening to tip, and I feel my heart in my throat. I am scared for Tom and scared for us all now.

 I am praying, to the gods, the the spirits of the sea, digging my nails into my hands. Tom is quick, but the last rope swipes back, hitting him hard and he loses his grip as the ship rightens itself. I hear myself scream, gripping Ken's arm with both hands.

 Just when I am sure he is going to fall into the ocean, he grabs one of the cut ropes, swinging himself back over the ship, landing agile like a cat. He takes the steps up to the helm three at a time, grabbing me, crashing his lips down on mine, kissing me like it is the last thing he'll ever do.

 "Don't ever scare me like that again Tom, I thought I would loose you". I look up at him. Noticing he has a bleeding lash on his cheek from the rope.

 He smiles softly. "I will try to my darling. But right now I want you to go to the cabin. Ken will look after you and I don't want to hear you argue. Is that understood ?"

 "Yes my captain". I say grinning at him, and he grabs my waist, pulling me into him, kissing me once more. "I see you when we are through the storm baby".

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