The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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20. The wedding


 2 weeks later


 I can't believe the day has actually come. I am going to get married today and I feel so empty. I mean Isolde is both beautiful, sweet and spirited and hadn't it been for Naria and the fact that Isolde clearly loves Tom beyond anything, I could probably have been happy with her.

 Naria I almost haven't seen those last couple of weeks, claiming she was busy. I know she has wisited Isolde several times. But she just said it was girls stuff. I fear Naria is going to leave me, that she can't live with this and I totally get her.

 When I am done dressing Naria suddenly comes into my room, smiling softly at me. "Oh don't you look handsome love". She comes over to kiss me and once again I just want to run away with her.

 She takes the crown in her hands, it is golden with deeply red and dark blue stones. She smiles and gently places it on my head. I grab her hand. "I am so sorry love".

 "Don't be Ben". She places har free hand on my cheek and I lean into her touch. "I know how badly you want to do the right thing my love, you want to do right by everyone, so don't feel bad. Just tell me one thing".

 "Anything, what is it that you want to know ?" I am villing to give her anything she asks. If she asks me to leave rigth now and run away with her, I will.

 "If there was someone you trusted to take over the throne, would you then give it up to be with me ?" She ask, looking into my eyes.

 I take both her hands in mine, kissing each knuckle softly, keeping the eye contact. "I wouldn't even think about it love. I wouldn't care if I lost everything and had to live in the woods. If I was free to choose I would be with you no matter what".

 "Thank you Ben. That is all I need to know". She smile at me in a way that looks to happy. "Now go get married my love, and be happy".

 I don't know what else to say, seeing her leave makes me have to fight tears. She has been so strong, so supportive, so kind through all this. 

 I make my way to the castle church. Walking up to stand by the priest. I feel like an empty shell. A part of me just want to scream. I am almost ready to give up. I feel faint and nauseous.

 Tom shows up, dressed in new clothes. He comes up to hug me. "Breathe Ben, you look like you are about to faint. It is going to be alright".

 "You look great Tom. More like a prince than a pirate". I look him over. He really does look like royalty, his father, who ever he is, clearly shining through".

 "Well thank you. I do clean up pretty good if I may say so myself". He chuckles. Why do everyone else seems okay with this ? Am I the only one that feels like I am dying inside ?

 When all the guests has arrived she walks in on my fathers arm. She is wearing a beautiful white dress with golden trimmings and a veil is covering her face. I try to smile. She is doing this for me, for my country, so I want her to feel welcome.

 I strugle through the the ceremony. It is quite simple, apparently the womans opinion or who she is don't really matter. I am just asked if I want to marry the woman standing beside me and when I answer yes, wanting so badly to scream no, the priest tells us about marriage and what is expected and he pronouns us husband and wife.

 She lifts her hands and slowly pulls back the veil and I am quite sure I will faint or that I have gone insane with grief and am seeing things. There before me in the wedding dress is Naria looking more beautiful than ever before. "Hi, kind of seems like you are stuck with me now".

 I fall to my knees, not caring that the whole world sees me. My arms around her. My face buried in her stomach, tears pouring out, soaking her dress. "Oh God, but how my love ?"

 "I hope it is okay. I kind of found someone else to take over the throne. So you are free. Well not completely because you are my husband now". She says with a chuckle.

 I get up, hugging her again and again. Grinning like an idiot. Still ignoring the upror in the church. "But how ? Who ?"

 "Let me explain". My father says. "It turns out my dear brother had a legitimate son 23 years ago, but then he saw a chance to get the throne and tried having his young wife and son killed. Fortunately it didn't work. We found the priest and all the papers and we found your cousin. He is willing to step up and take the throne leaving you free to follow your heart my son".

 My uncle suddenly comes running up the aisle. "No you can't have, he is dead. Like the prince should have died when I had him poisoned. I am next in line to the throne. I had that baby killed back then, you are lying".

 Suddenly Tom gets up, punching my uncle square in the face sending him sprawling. "No you tried to have me killid, you damned my mother to a life as a prostitute. Guards arrest this man for three attemps of murder, you all heard him confess".

 The guards grab him and drag him of cursing and screaming. "You !? You can't be king, you are a pirate, nothing by a pirate".

 "Not any longer dear brother. My dear nephew has been pardoned for any previous wrong doings due to services to the crown". My father says.

 I might be standing there gaping like an idiot. "You are my cousin ? Did you know this Tom. I mean before, how long have you know ?"

 "I am sorry Ben. I have known since I was a kid who my father is. But I had no idea they were actually married, so I thought I was just a bastard, so it didn't matter". He says with a apologetic smile.

 I just grab him, pulling him into me in a hug. "Thank you Tom, thank you so much for setting me free to be happy. But what about you ?"

 "Oh I am getting everything I could wish for". He says with a wink. Then he hugs Naria and kisses both her cheeks. "Congratulations darling".

 "Now I would like to crown my nephew as a prince of the blood and as the new crown prince". My father says and Tom kneel in front of him. My father takes a silver crown from the priest and places it on Toms's head, it has aquamarine and sea green stones and little ankers on it. It is perfect for him. "I crow you Prince Thomas of Agreydor".

 Tom stands up and my father makes a motion towards the church door. "I also have another gift for you, princess Isolde of Eshal". And in walks the princess in a simple white wedding dress that sets of her beauty.

 She walks slowly to stand beside Tom, smiling happily at him. And I put my arms around Naria, hiding my face in her hair. She giggles. "No need to hide Ben, we all know you are crying".

 Tom is crying too and as soon as the priest utters the last word he pulls Isolde into his arms kissing her in a way that makes several women gasp and the priest make the sign of the cross. When he lets her go I hear him whisper. "Sorry, pirate".

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