The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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2. The new maid



 I have been summond by the king, a pretty unusual thing for a pirate normally, but not for me, as a friend of the crown prince. We have been friends since we were only big kids and I saved his life. So now the king overlook my little business as long as we stay away from his ships and his lands. Once in a while he needs things done that he sees me most fitted to take care of and well I do it to keep the peace.

 Turns out he want's me to pick up some princess in Eshal. The reason the king asked me to go is that it is a long journey and dangerous waters, he knows that I am a much better captain than anyone he has.

 When I get out from the throne room Ben is waiting outside, we give each other a quick hug. "So you father finally made you give in to the whole marriage idea ?"

 "Give in and give in, I didn't really get much of a choice. I got a list of eligible princesses and was told to pick one here and now". He roll his eyes. I know he dreams of finding true love, an idea not many men would understand. Unfortunately that isn't how life works for a prince.

 I pad his shoulder. "Well, I hope she at least is bearable to live with. Better go do what you need to do, have the last of your fun, in about two months I'll be back with your bride".

 "If she is to bad could you.. you know discretely push her overboard and call it an accident ?" He asks me, making me bark out a laugh.

 "I see what I can do mate, but wouldn't you just have one of the other options pushed on you". I say raising an eyebrow. I am happy no one is forcing me to marry.

 He sighs theatrically and roll his eyes. "Actually I feel really sorry for the poor girl, having to leave everything she know and then have to marry me".

 "Give yourself some credit, she should be happy marry you, she couldn't do much better". I tell him honestly. Any woman should be more than happy to marry him, not because he is a prince, but because he is a great guy.

 "Thanks Tom". He says, hugging me again. "Safe travels and I see you when you get back with my wife to be".

 "Yeah see you and behave, don't do anything I wouldn't". I say as I swing myself into the saddle, giving him a wave as I ride of to get my ship ready.



 "Here carry this into the dining hall". I am having a big dish showed into my hands, and try to balance it as I walk down to the dining hall. I have just started working at the castle a couple of days ago when I turned 18. My father is the town baker and I was really lucky to get this job.

 The plate is so heavy and I am not used to this, I am about to put it down on the table I can feel it slip, knowing I am going to drop it and loose my job. What if I drop it on the king or the prince ? Will I get thrown into jail ?

 "Whoopsi". Someone catches the plate in the last second. A voice sounding beside me. "Here let me give you a hand there darling".

 "Thank you so much sir". I say feeling relieved. I turn to look at my saviour, he is wear brown leather pants and a white shirt that is open at the top, showing a bit of chest hair. My eyes slide to his face, he is very handsome, with dark tousled hair and hypnotic eyes, his smile is dazzling. Then I realise who he is and I blush. "Your royal highness, I am so sorry".

 "Nothing to be sorry about my dear. No worries". He says as I keep my eyes lowered to the floor. I knew he was handsome the prince, I have seen him from afar a lot of times when he rides out with his friends to hunt. But up here close he is breathtaking. His voice warm, soft and very deep. "You are new right ?"

 "Yes your highness, only started 3 days ago. I am very grateful for the job". I feel my heart flutter nervously from being this near to him, he is like a force of nature.

 Even though I try keeping my eyes of his face I can still see him smiling, like he is lighting up the room. "I am happy to hear that. Welcome then.. I don't think I got the fair maidens name ?"

 "Naria, your Highness". I say, flustered that all eyes is on me. There is only the prince and a couple of his friends in the room.

 "Naria, please look at my face". His voice is still soft but has an authoritative edge to it and I can't help doing as I am told, lifting my eyes to meet his. "Thank you darling, I prefer people looking at me when I talk to them, no matter who they are".

 I just nod, unable to speak, and he smile at me. "Well I hope you will be happy here". I make a small courtesy and hurries back out to the kitchen, to see if I need to carry in more things.



 I sit down and start to eat, one of my friends Phipp nudge me with his elbow. "She was a pretty little thing, I wouldn't mind bending her over a table and have my way with her".

 "No I can imagine". Phipp is actually married, to a little whisp of a woman, but he was still fucking anything with a pulse and a hole to put it blandly. "Because you are a disgusting jerk when it comes to women".

 He rolls his eyes at me. "Yeah yeah Ben, always sooo innocent. Don't come here telling me you haven't have your fun with some of the chamber maids. Or are you telling me you are a virgin ?"

 "I never claimed to be. But not to the degree you have and well the difference between you and me are that you are married I am not". I tell him. Honestly I find the way a lot of men act despicable.

 He just chuckles, not really catching on. "Yeah but have you seen my wife ? God I hope for you that yours are both prettyer and more interesting".

 "Seriously, you are a jerk, I..". I stop talking when Naria walks back in with a new plate managing on her own this time. I don't want to say what I was about to say in front of a woman.

 Instead I watch her as she puts down the plate and then walk out the room, her hips swaying gently. Phipp was right though, she is pretty, even though that doesn't really give her credit, more like beautiful or stunning.

 "Well maybe I should get by more often, she looks like she could be a wild one in the bedroom". He says winking.

 I slam my hand down on the table, making everyone look. "Stop it, I don't want to hear you disgusting ideas and no, you are keeping your filthy hands of the poor girl".

 He bows his head, knowing that he isn't to argue with me. And we all continue the lunch in silence. A girl like her deserves much better than a jerk like that.

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