The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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15. Standing up to the king and the wrath of Tom



 I hardly even feel nervous, I don't have time for nervous. I need to safe Ben, he is the love of my life, the father of my child. Getting him back is all that matters.

 As I step into the throne room the king looks up. He looks tired and at least ten years older, there is no doubt this his been hard on him too. "My king, could I have a word, it is very important ?"

 "What is it girl ? I don't really have time, I have things to plan". His eyes looks sad and I know he is thinking in terms of funeral and what to do without an heir.

 I step closer to him, daring to look into his eyes. "I need you to listen your Highness and I need you to keep an open mind. I have found a man who can help the prince, he might even be able to safe him, if we give him the help he needs. The prince isn't sick, he has been poisoned".

 "Poisoned ? Who would.. my brother, that evil snake". The king looks angry. "He is trying to take my only son away so he can get to the throne. Who is this man that can help ?"

 "He is a witch doctor from the dark lands". I know that being totally honest is my best option now. "I have seen him save patients the priests had given up on. Please your Highness, let him try. And we need your help, he needs new clean blood from a family member".

 "Do you know what the people will say if they find out we have sought help with a witch doctor ?" He looks at me. "What the church will say and my brother ?"

 "Sorry your Highness, but I don't give a rat's ass about what the damn church and your bitch brother think". Okay might be a hormone thing. "And the people, some might not like it, but most will see a man willing to save his son, their future king. So grow some balls and give a fuck about what others think".

 The king looks at me and I start fearing I am about to loose my head. Then he starts laughing. "You really are a peculiar woman. You are right. Lets go then".

 Joel look at me looking like a question mark when I walk back in with the king. I just smile and shrug. The witch doctor bow his head lightly. "Your Highness".

 "Thank you for helping my son. Just tell me what to do and if you need anything". The king says and Joel looks like he is about to faint.

 We watch as the witch doctor use some weird tupe, to lead blood from the kings arm into Ben's, then he forces Ben tho drink some faul looking potion made from plants, coal and some secret powder mixed with water.

 Ten minutes later Ben starts to throw up violently. It is black, filled with blood and smells foul. I start to panick. "What is happening to him ?" I am scared this is it, that he is dying.

 "Don't worry little one". The witch doctor says softly. Holding a bucket for Ben to empty his stomach into. "It is the rest of the poison that has been drawn from his body with the mixture. This is why he needed new blood or he would have been to weak to handle this".

 When he is finally done throwing up and slump back on the bed the wich doctor hands the bucket to Joel. "Go have this burned with some fresh roses". Joel just nods and disappears. Then he unhook the king, smearing some salve on the prick in his arm.

 He hands me another jar of salve. "Rub this on his chest, stomach and forehead each morning and evening till he feels totally back to normal". He rummage through his things and hands me a little bag. "And burn this incense to clean out the room. He should be waking up in a day or two. Make sure he drinks and eats a lot to get back his strengt".

 "Can I talk to you outside good sir ?" The king says, placing his hand on the witch doctors shoulder and the dark skinned man nods. I am left alone with Ben.

 I sit down taking his hand in mine, kissing it softly. "Fight Ben. Come back to us. I need you, our baby needs you".



 Honestly ever since our two days in pirates bay I have been floating around on a little pink cloud. Trying to ignore the rainclouds pulling together over my head, telling me that this adventure will soon be over when we arrive and I have to marry the prince.

 Tom is relaxing a bit more, no one seems to wish me harm and I am allowed to walk alone from the cabin to the helm when I want to come see him. It is only a couple of meters down a narrow hallway, then I am out on the deck, so it should be safe.

 I am on my way back to the cabin, when a hand closes over my mouth and I feel someone behind me. He breath stinks of alcohol and rotten teeth and he puts his head close to mine, whispering. "Walk along and keep quiet princess, down into the hull or I will kill you".

 As I can feel a knife pressed into my back I don't dare do anything else than I am told. Praying someone will see us. That Tom will come save me. Fearing what this disgusting smelling excuse for a man is going to do to me.

 He pushes me harshly down the stairs, down into the storage area, closing the hatch behind us and I feel my heart sink as he says. "All alone my princess, we are going to have so much fun".

 "Please don't. Just let me go and I won't tell anyone. You can still walk away from this". I am begging him. He is a big man with bulging muscles. I don't stand a chance, I have to talk to the common sense in him.

 He just grins evilly, and I know there is no talking him out of this. He will rape me and most possibly kill me. "Oh no princess, when you can fuck the captain you can fuck me.



 The second mate had come to take over the wheel and I hurry down to the capin to spend some time with Issie. But I find the cabin empty and I instantly panic. I know she wouldn't go anywere else alone so I know something is wrong.

 I run into Ken and grab his shoulder. "Help me find Issie, she is .. before". I don't have to say anything else, he know what is up and we start searching.

 Fuck I shouldn't have let up on security. Apparently someone had just been bidding their time. I will never forgive myself if anything has happened to her.

 "The hull, I left the hatch open 15 minutes ago". Ken says pointing. And I run over, pulling it open and taking the steps in three long strides.

 I see one of the crew, a large evil looking man called Crabbe. He has Isolde thrown down on a big crate. Her dress is pulled up over her head and her underwear is torn to pieces. He has his pants around his ankles. But luckily he hasn't come any further, problably due to her cursing and fighting with all she has, and I can't help feeling proud of her.

 "Get of her you fucking scum". I grab him and throw him at Ken's feet. I could tear his head clean of, but I need to make an example of him. "Get him on deck Ken, like he is now and get the crew there, I'll be up in five minutes".

 "Are you okay love ?" I gently help her up, straightening her dress down. She has tears streaming down her face but she nods, throwing her arms around my neck. "Yeah, luckily you came just in time. He didn't get to do what he wanted".

 "Thank God. I am so sorry baby. I am not leaving you out of my sight again". I say softly, kissing her tears away. "I am going to take you to the cabin. He will never hurt you or anyone again".

 "I wanna come Tom, I wanna be there when you punish him". She says with a resolute look on her face, drying away the last tears.

 I take a deep breathe. "Are you sure darling. It won't be pretty at all. I'll have to make an example of him to make sure no one else will even think of trying something like that".

 "Yes I am sure". She takes my hand, pulling me up the stairs. "I will enjoy seeing him suffer. I am not squeamish Tom, I can take it".



 I feel like I need to see this, to know he feel the same fear as I did. And as he is being punished because of me, it is only fair I am there witnessing it.

 We walk onto the deck. Ken has the man standing in the middle of the deck, his hands tied behind his back. His pants are still around his ankles. The rest of the crew is watching curiously.

 Tom kisses my hand softly and let it go. He walk in front of the crew. His voice is one that command attention and it is laced with searing anger. "I just caught this man trying to force himself on the princess against my specific orders".

 "She is nothing but a whore. We all know she is spreading her legs to you, so why can't the rest of us get a piece of her ? Who respects a captain who says she is of limits and then fucks her". Crabbe spits out and Tom turns, backhanding him across the face making blood fly from his mouth.

 "Please keep talking Crabbe, every word from you mouth will make this worse for yourself". Tom hisses. He turns to look at the crew again, a small but wicked looking knife twirling in his hand. "Let me show you what happens when going against my orders".

 "This is what happens if anyone ever talk about the princess like that again". He grabs Crabbes face, forcing his mouth open and pulling out his tongue, cutting it clean of and throwing it in front of the crew. "Is that clear ?"

 I feel a bit nauseous, this isn't a side of Tom I have seen before. He is actually scary, but part of me finds him really attractive to, the power and strength rolling of him in waves.

 "And this is what happens if any of you look at her the wrong way". He presses his fingers into Crabbes right eye, pulling it from the socket. The man tries to scream, but can't because of the missing tongue. Tom is panting with anger as he throw down the eye. "Is that clear ?"

 Okay I feel really queasy now. But I choose, I wanted to be here, so I have to stand it through. Hoping it will be over soon and I will have the Tom back I know.

 "And if any of you as much as think about touching her you will lose you most priced possession". He says. I can't do it anymore. Knowing what he is going to cut of next. Turning to Ken who is standing next to me. "Ken, please take me to the cabin".

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