The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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4. Getting makes out of their dresses



 I had been walking in my own thoughts singing and I hadn't heard the horses coming due to the soft road. If Ben hadn't come riding, screaming my name I would have been trambled and most likely died. He had saved my life.

 But my foot hurts and so does my left side where the horse hit me. I try to get up from the luckily dry ditch and suddenly Ben is beside me, gently lifting me to my feet. "Oh darling are you okay ? Does it hurt anywhere ?"

 "You saved me". I just stare up at him. "Thank you Ben. I am okay. My foot hurts a bit and my left side. But it isn't to bad. I can make it to the marked to get sugar and back if I just walk slowly".

 "Oh no you are not walking anywhere my dear". He looks up at Joel who stops next to us at that moment. "Joel go to the marked and get sugar and then tell in the kitchen that Naria has the rest of the day and tomorrow of for a beginning".

 Joel nods and nudge his horse into a trot towards town. I look at Ben. "You don't need to, you already saved my life".

 "Now don't be problematic my dear, I am going to get you home safely. Can you stand her for a moment ? I just need to check over my horse". I nod and he walks over to the horse, letting his hands run down its legs and looking under its stomach. "Just a few swallow scratches from the hedge".

 "Come here darling". He grabs me gently and lifts me up on the big animal. I must admit that I am a bit nervous, it is a big horse and a temperamental one too from what I have seen. But it stands completely still as Ben swings himself up behind me.

 I have both my legs on the same side and he slide one arm around my waist, to hold me in place, his other hand grabbing the reins, nudging the horse forward. "Are you sitting okay ?"

 I nod, not really knowing what to say. I feel safe and he is warm. I snuggle a little closer to sit better. And I realise that he smells good, like really good. Like freshly washed clothes drying in a summer wind paired with a hint of sweat but not in a bad way and a hint of something spicy. Honestly most men stinks, like stale beer, old sweat and piss. Well most men don't bathe very often. 

 As we ride on it starts getting harder to breathe and at first I actually think it has to do with being this close to him. But my side starts hurting and I gasp slightly. Ben reacts instantly. "Something wrong darling ?"

 "No no I am okay, my side is just a bit sore and it is hard breathing". I am gasping softly as I speak, suddenly afraid I am badly hurt after all.

 I feel Ben kick the horse into a gallop, my arms grabbing a hold of him. "Don't worry darling I get you back home and get you some help".



 Her breathing is getting more shallow and she whimpers in pain. I am scared she could have broken some ribs. If they puncture her lung, well not much to do. I have to get her back home and into a bed so Hendry can look her over, he is both the priest and the doctor.

 When I gallop into the courtyard she is barely conscious, and I manage to slide of the horse, keeping her in my arms. I look at the very surpriced looking stable boy. "Cool down the horse, give him water but not to much or to cold and clean the scratches on his belly".

 I carry her up the stairs, barking to one of the guards at the front door. "Get Master Hendry, tell him we have a young woman with hurt ribs, we'll be in the blue bedroom".

 As I make my way to the blue bedroom, which is the closest, I can hear that her breathing is really laboured. I lay her gently down on the bed and feel relieved when Hendry walks through the door after a few minutes. Quickly explaning her what happened.

 He swiftly looks her over. "We need to get her out of that dress and fast, it is tied in to tight, making it much harder for her to breathe".

 "Oh.. sure". I feel myself getting all flustered by the idea of seeing her in her underwear. What will she say ? I might be looking a bit panicked.

 He looks at me and winks. "Come on Ben, don't try telling me you don't know how to get a maiden out of her dress".

 I blush, I mean he is my teacher and priest, and well I am not married so strictly speaking I should be a virgin. He just laugh at my expression. "I go get some things and I expect her to be out of the dress when I get back".

 He leaves and I try gently rolling her on her side. "Sorry darling, but we need you to be able to breathe". The dress is tightly lazed all the way down her back, it will take some time getting it of and I suddenly realise her lips are getting slightly blue, I don't have time.

 As I don't know what else to do I grab my knife and simply cut open the dress, hearing her immediately breathe much easier, and I breathe a sigh of relief. I roll her back on her back and slowly pull the dress of her arms. I take a deep breath, grabbing the dress and sliding it of her body.

 She is only wearing a thin lazy top and long lazy knickers underneath and I feel my throat go dry. I can clearly see the soft orbs of her breasts and her small pink nipples through that top. I hurriedly pull a blanket over her, it feels very wrong looking at her like this.

 I sit down just holding her hand waiting for Hendry. She is getting her natural colours back, but her breathing is still a bit laboured. Luckily the priest soon enters the room again. But that also mens that he pulls the cover of her and I try to avert my eyes while he examinings her gently.

 "She is lucky, nothing is broken, she just has something kind of locked here at her side". He says. "You need to hold her, so I can snap it back".

He instrukts me to sit behind her on the bed and hold around her, pinning her arms down, so she can't move. Then he grab a hold of her sides with both hands and starts manipulating her ribs. She goes stiff as a bord, screaming out, pressing her body into me.



 I am pulled back to reality by a blinding pain, but I can't move, something is holding me tight. I kick my legs, but then something long folds around my legs holding me totally still. And then I hear his voice in my ear. "Shh darling, I know it hurts, but we need to fix this okay ? It is over soon".

 And then something kind of snaps and the pain is almost gone, I can also breathe again and I start sobbing. Ben gently eases his grib, and without thinking I turn in his arms, snuggling into his warm chest and he comforts me, rubbing my back.

 I faintly hear the priest tell Ben that I just need to sleep and relax a bit and then I will be perfect again. Honestly I have a hard time focussing on anything else than the fact that I am in Ben's arms, in a bed, only wearing my undergarments.

 When the priest has left the room goes quiet, like none of us dare to speak. Ben just holds me and I snuggle into him. Never have I felt this safe and this content. And I close my eyes, daring to dream for just a minute that I am a princess.

 He gently gets up, tugging me down in the soft bed. "Get some sleep darling, rest. I will be back later to check up on you".

 "Thank you Ben, thank you so much". I grab his hand shortly, squeezing it softly. And he smiles warmly before leaving me alone with my thoughts.

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