The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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21. Epilogue


 5 years later


 "Thank you my king". The man bows to Tom looking grateful, before backing out through the door. As soon the guard closes it, Tom is of the throne, leaving his crown in the seat.

 "Finally done for today. Not that I don't want to help, but it is tiredsome at times. Sometimes I think you made the better deal here". He says to Ben who grins up at him from the floor, were he is playing with Tom's oldest son William and our daugther Mirabella, they are both 4 years old now, born on the same day.

 Ben holds up his hands. "I never said I didn't". He looks lovingly up at me and I smile back. I love him even more now, he is the most amazing father and husband and soon we'll be having our second child. Ben is hoping for a girl again.

 The door opens and Isolde walks in, a little boy running in front of her and Tom, holds out his arms. "Are you making trouble again Henry". He says picking the almost 3 year old boy up. "You know mommy can't run after you in her condition".

 "Tom what have I said about leaving you crown laying around like that ?" She shakes her head and sits down Rose, the one year old girl she had on her arm.

 Tom just shrugs and goes to kiss her, putting his hands on her swollen belly. "I know, I know. But honestly I care more about how you feel my love".

 "Well as good as I can, being ready to pop another one out". She says grinning up at him and he kisses her again.

 The door opens again and Mirabella jumps up squealing. "Uncle Ken, uncle Ken". And run to jump into his arms. He catches her and kisses her nose. "Hey remember it is Captain Ken now". She smiles happily. "Captain uncle Ben".

 Ben moves to sit behind me and I lean into him, feeling him softly kiss my neck. "So Tom, after this one you need to slow down a bit or you end up having your own army".

 "What is the problem in that". He says grinning with a wink. "I can't help that I happen to have to most sexy wife and that she can't keep her hands of me".

 Both Ben, Ken and I laugh as she hits him on the chest. "Tom !?".. he just grins.. "Sorry, pirate.. Uhh I mean king.. hell lets say Pirate king".

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