The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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16. Don't tease the pirate



 Ken has followed me to the cabin and I asked him to leave me there. I need to think. I mean I hadn't expected Tom to always be soft and sweet like he is with me. But this, this man I had just seen, he scared me. I wasn't sure I could deal with it.

 It doesn't take long, just around fifteen minutes, before there is a sharp knock on the door and I hear Tom's voice. "Please open the door love".

 "Not sure I want to". I say back. I am not sure I am ready. Not sure how I will react. "I.. I might need to think more about what happened".

 "Open the damn door Issie". His voice isn't angry, but it is stern and demanding. Then it turns soft and begging. "Come on love. I need to see you. Be good and open the door".

 I sigh and unlock the door and he walks in swiftly. "Thank you love". When I take a step back a flash of pain runs over his face. "I warned you, I told you that you should have waited here".

 "Did you kill him Tom ?" I ask him, my voice trembling slightly. I don't want to look up at him. I know he has blod on him and I don't want to see it.

 "Yes Issie, I killed him. I made him walk the plank and no I don't regret it. He tried to harm you, he got what he deserved". He says softly.

 I don't know what to say. I hear him step closer to me. "Darling what did you expect me to do ? When you said you wanted to be there. I am sorry but I would kill any man you tried to hurt you like that without any remorse".

 "I don't know Tom. I mean well I kind of expected you to kill him". I finally look up at him. "But did you need to be so brutal ? Was it necessary to torture him like that". I feel nausea again at the though.

 He bites his lip. "I needed to state an example, make sure no one dares even think about it. I might have gotten carried a bit away, but only because I was so damned scared.. the idea of what he could have done to you. I can't..".

 "You could just have let him walk the plank. No need for those other things Tom". I shake my head. "You actually scared me. I didn't know you had it in you to be that cruel".

 "Sweetheart. I am a pirate, I can't be nice and chivalrous always. If that is what you want you should stick with the prince". It is mostly like a statement.

 I am scared and confused. "Well it isn't like I have a choice. I am supposed to marry the handsome prince". I breathe out. "What am I doing with a pirate ?"

 He looks like I literally slapped him. His jaw clenching. "Well what is the problem then ? I'll have you there soon your Highness and you get to marry your handsome prince. Lets see if you will be happy. By the way beside being handsome he is gay".

  "He is gay ?" I look utterly shoked I think. I mean I know such thing exist, but it isn't something people talk about.

 He seems to deflate. "No. And well you would be much better of just sticking to the plan and marrying the prince. Ben is the sweetest most caring guy you ever meet. You will have a good life, probably even come to love him and you won't have to deal with all this".

 "But you know what ? The prince has one really big flaw". I say softly, stepping closer to him and almost like a reflex his hands grabs my hips pulling me into him. "And what migth that be Issie ?" My hands is resting on his chest. "He isn't you".

 "No that he ain't". He says with a wink and his lips finds mine as I feel myself melt into his arms. Right now he is again the Tom I know and love.

 When he finally breaks the kiss and looks into my eyes, those blue orbs sucking me in, his voice soft like velvet. "Am I forgiven ?"

 "On one condition". I says sternly and he looks expectantly at me, waiting for me to tell him the condition. "That you take a bath, you are filthy".

 He throws his head back laughing. "I think I can do that my princess, but only if you join me. I mean you better help me rub all that filthy dirt of". He says with a wink.

 "Uhh you really are a scoundrel". I tell him, slapping him lightly on the chest and he laughs again. "Well pirate my dear, what did you expect ?"



 Actually the hot water feels amazing as I lower my body into the tub, letting out a sigh. I look up at Isolde, who has been watching me. "Come on princess, you can't bathe with your clothes on".

 She turns her back to me, and I gently open her dress in the back, exposing her slim soft back. Then she turns and very slowly lets the dress slide of her body, revealing her delicious breasts and the rounded shape of her hips, leaving her in only her undergarments, which she slowly slides of next, making my breath hitch.

 I hold out my hand to her and she takes it, stepping up into the tub, lowering her glorious body into the water with a moan that.. well goes directly to my lower regions. I grab her hips, trying to pull her to me, but she swats my hands away. "Ah ah, you said you needed me to scrub the dirt of, so no hanky panky".

 "But .. but you are naked, you expect me not to touch at all ?" Yup I might be whining just a bit, but how am I supposed not to touch her ?

 She giggles. "Oh yeah I am very naked and yes I expect you to put both hands up on the edge of the tub and keep them there, or I am gonna get out of the tub". She stands up.

 I might just have groaned. "Okay your the boss". She sits back down. "You really are something else". I say putting my hands up, gribbing the edge. This is going to be really hard.

 She grabs a sponge and rubs it on the soap, then she slowly moves to me. Starting with one leg, liftning it up on her shoulder, slowly rubbing soap from my toes to my hip. Then she repeat with my other leg. The sponge is a bit rough, leaving my skin feeling bared and very sensitive. I am already slowly going crazy.

 Then she does the same with my arms, when she is washing my shoulders it puts her breast almost in my face and I can't help myself from sneaking my tongue out, flicking it over the pink bud, seeing how it instantly grows hard. She pulls away glaring at me. "What do you think you are doing ?"

 "You only told me to keep my hands still and you can't show those delicious breast in my face and tell me I can't taste". I smile at her. 

 She grabs my nipple between her fingers, twisting it, making me gasp. "I told you to behave. Are we clear ? I am in charge and you behave". I nod vigorously, panting slightly. "Yes ma'am".

 "Good boy". She says grinning. Then she leans down to kiss me passionatedly and it takes all my willpower not to grab her.

 Then she straddles my lap. "Lean forward love". She whispers in my ear and I instantly comply. She presses her body into mine as she reaches around me to wash my back. I close my eyes and just relish in the feeling.

 As she starts washing my chest I can't keep back a deep moan as she runs the sponge over my nipples. My erection painfully hard now and I know I can't take it much longer. "Oh baby you are cruel".

 "Hmm and you know what love". Her hand slides down my stomach to grab my erection. "You really really like it".

 "Oh believe me I do, but you are still going to pay for this when I get my hands on you". I lean forward to whisper in her ear, hearing her gasp slightly.

 A teasing smirk spreads on her face and she holds the sponge out to me. "You can wash me now, put only the sponge can touch my skin".

 "As you wish my Queen". I grab the sponge and start washing her magnificent body. I do it slowly and sensually, but I stay away from her nipples and her intimate areas. And I can see that it is driving her crazy. Just a small payback.

 I get up first, drying of my body. She is watching me intently and I tease her by keeping most of my body hidden behind the towel, only allowing her small glimpses.

 "Come here my lady love and let me dry you". I say holding up a big towel, trying to hide my smirk. Time for payback my love.



 I step out of the water, letting Tom fold the towel around me. I really hadn't expected him to respond this well to me taking control. I mean he is used to always being in control.

 Then he steps in front of me and I notice the knowing smirk on his face, shit I am in trouble now. I try to lift my arms, realising he has wound the towel tight around me. Not so it is unpleasant, but my arms are unusable.

 "So my lovely, who is in control now". He quirks one eyebrow grinning at me. "This is what happens to naughty girls that teases their man my dear".

 "Tom please, I was just having a bit of fun with you". I am begging him. Unsure what he might do to me. But he just shakes his head, with that infernal smirk on his lips and slowly pushes me backwards til my legs hits the bed and I fall down on it.

 "And now it is my turn to have fun with you my queen". He gently lifts my head, placing a pillow under it as he moves me farther up on the bed. Then he janks the towel up so I am naked from my toes to my belly button.

 "Oh this is going to be so much fun". He muses as he kneels by my feet. "So your turn to stay still my love or I will stop, am I clear ?"

 I try to ignore him but he starts to slowly and softly run his fingertips up and down the sole of my foot and it tickles badly. "Come on my love, are we clear ?"

 "Yes, yes. Stop doing that Thomas". He chuckles and lifts my foot up, kissing each of my toes, before letting his teeth gently scraping over my skin. It tickles, but it also sends a fire through my body.

 He just keep kissing and nippling every inch of skin on my legs. I had never though anything that simple could feel that erotic, that enticing. I am literally a squirming mess.

 Then he moves to my hips and lower stomach. Kissing nippling and licking at my skin. And when he starts twirling his tongue in my belly button I am panting and begging. "Please Tom, I need you, I need you so badly".

 "Oh how I love to hear that my love, but you will have to wait til I am satisfied and that I am far from". He chuckles darkly against my stomach sending sound waves through my body.

 He lowers his face to my lady parts, grabbing my legs, pulling them slightly up and out, opening me up to him. I blush slightly from the idea of him looking at me so closely there. His fingers slowly trailing over my skin. "You are exquisite my love".

 What he can do with his mouth and tongue, not to talk about those long fingers. I am not even sure it is legal in most places, but I just don't care, it feels so maddening delicious what he does. He keeps pulling me right to the edge only to deny me the real pleasure.

 "Oh God. Fuck you Tom, stop doing that I am going crazy. I need to.. I need to cum. Stop torturing me". I almost scream at him, my body so hyper sensitive that every touch sends sparks through me.

 He looks up at me, smiling slyly, a damp curl has fallen down on his forehead. "Oh so you don't like a dosis of your own medicine my love. Okay then I'll put you out of your misery".

 Part of me wants to slap ham, but well right now my need to get release is greater and well my arms are still caught in the towel, so I close my eyes enjoying how his fingers and mouth quickly brings me to the brink again. This time he don't stop but pulls me over the edge, my body shaking and cramping with a pleasure so consuming I am not capable of making any real sound, just a small squealing one.

 But he don't stop, he keeps massaging a spot inside me through my orgasm and it pulls it out, heightening the pleasure till it is almost unbearable. It feels like the pleasure goes deeper, a warmth spreading from deep inside me and I feel my desire gush over his hand.

 I hardly feel him unwrap me, feeling totally boneless and content. Like I can't move at all. I know I got a very satisfied smile on my face. He hovers over me. "Are you okay love ?"

 "What the hell do you think, you are a jerk Tom". I think the emotions is just to much. I mean it does feel so good, I am just angry with him for teasing me. But I actually slap him, rather hard even.

 His jaw tenses and his eyes flashes for a moment. "Really ? You fucking slapped me ?". His eyes fixing in mine, then he kisses me hungrily and thrust into me hard, making my eyes roll back in pleasure.

 Normally he is so gentle and caring, this is a new side of him and I am not complaining. He takes me hard, almost predatory. Whispering in my ear how he is mine forever and that he would do anything I asked of him.

 I fold my legs around him, my hands roaming over his chest and shoulders. And when I feel him stiffen up, reaching his climax, he pulls me with him. Our souls melting together, time and space ceasing to exist for a moment.

 "I love you beyound measure". He whispers in my ear as he collapses beside me and I snuggle into him. "I love you too, more than anything else".

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