The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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1. Choosing a bride



 "I win again". I grin at Joel as I jump from my large black horse in the courtyard, handing it to one of the stable boys standing ready. My friend and squire Joel stops his horse and get of it. "As always. But to my defence I was holding two rabbits and a pheasant in my hand".

 "Excuses, excuses". I say laughing, as he hands the dead animals to a young boy telling him to bring them to the kitchen. There is a bustle of people around us.

 Just as we are on the way up the stairs to the castle one of my fathers men come out, he bows lightly as he sees me. "You highness the king request your presence in the throne room". I nod to tell him it is understood.

 "Well I better go see what daddy want's to pester me about this time.. see you later". I make my way to the throne room, expecting trouble. I seem to always get in trouble lately I think walking down the long hallway.

 As I walk in my father looks up and his booming voice sounds through the grand room. "Well there you are my son. I see you have been out hunting again".

 "You wanted to see me father". I say to the stoic looking grey haired man on the throne. The room is elaborate with gobelins on the wall and at the end stands the huge throne on a guilded dais.

 He nods and I notice that the castle priest, my old teacher Hendry is standing beside the throne. "It is time you chose a bride son, you turned 27 last month, you can't procrastinate any longer. Hendry has made a list of appropriate choices".

 "Like in now.. you want me to chose a woman to marry right here and now ?" I feel the panic sneak in on me. I don't feel ready to marry some stranger.

 My father nods, this is far from the first time he brings up this subject, so far I have managed to avoid it. It seems that time is over. "You keep sliding of on the matter. You need to marry and make an heir, to secure the kingdom. My brother is just biding his time hoping for me to die while you are still undesided".

 The laws of out coutry states that a king needs to be married to claim the throne. "You are the king, change the laws, it's a stupid law anyway".

 "Ben you know I can't just change an acient law like that. The people would riot if I started doing that. They are already whispering about the reason the prince wont marry". He shakes his head. "Hendry tell my son what his choices are".

 The old man look at a scroll in his hand. "Well there is princess Sreda of Moore, she is known for her beauty and 19 years old".

 "Uhhm no, she is known for a lot more than her beauty. If I have to marry I at least want to marry someone decent and not a whore". I say shaking my head.

 "BEN !" My father says in a high voice, looking shocked. "She is a royal princess, you cant talk about her like that".

 I shrug. "Well sorry dad, but there is a reason she is known as 'princess spreads her legs', so thanks but no thanks, I don't want everyones sloppy leftovers". My father groans.

 "Well then there is princess Fillys of the red isles, she is very wealthy and her father has no sons so the kingdom falls to her husband". Hendry says.

 I purse my lips. "And what is the catch ? Because if she isn't married there got to be some kind of catch. She is an ogre right ?" My father groans again.

 "Well the princess had smallpox as a child, it left her somewhat scarred, she is 32 years old by the way". He says making sure not to look at me.

 I shake my head vigorously. "Sorry for her, but no, definately no. If no one has wanted her by now, somewhat scarred mean total ogre".

 "Okay then we have princess Bea of Genoa. She is know to be wery sweet and obedient. She has just turned 14 years old". He says and my father interjects. "I met her she is pretty too".

 "Nooooo.. do I even have to explain ?" I close my eyes. "I know it's normal in a lot of places, but I am not marrying a child".

 My father looks at me sternly. "If she has reached womanhood and can carry a child she is a woman and ready for marriage, your mother was 15 when I married her".

 "You can be as creepy as you want to, but no". I might have stomped my foot. "I don't care if she has had her first bleeding, I am not marrying anyone younger than 18".

 My father starts to look exhausted as Hendry looks through the names and ages. "Well that leaves out quite a few options my prince. Oh here is one, princess Pippa of Garendale, she is 19 and strong young lady".

 "Ohh no no no". I wave my hands. "You got to be kidding, princess Piggy. I would be scared she rolled over in bed and crushed me. And there definately would never come a heir, my dick would most likely cut itself of if I tried getting it near her".

 "Ben !" My father is rubbing his face with both hands. "You can't afford to be this picky. I know you have some weird ideas about love, but marriage has nothing to do with love and everything to do with politics and convenience".

 "She looks like a pig and she is as tall as me, probably outweigh me by about two grown men, no politics or convenience can make up for that". I am shaking my head. I have met her and she scares the shit out of me honestly.

 Hendry starts to look a bit frantic. "Well only one left then my prince. Princess Isolde of Eshal, she has just turned 18. She is renowned as a great beauty".

 "Hmm I haven't even heard of her". I say, wondering what kind of women she is. I don't actually care if she is beautiful, as long as she isn't disfigured. But I want my wife to be kind and sweet, someone I can talk to.

 My father stands up. "Well I don't care if you have heard about her, unless you want to go back and chose one of the previous ones, this is it, there are no more options".

 "Whatever, one can be as good or bad as the other, so arrange it and tell me were and when to show up". I sigh, I guess this is it. I am going to get married to some woman I have never met.

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