The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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6. A princess, a pirate and Luke the monkey


 Far far away two weeks later


 I am nervously pacing the hallway outside the throne room, nervous and excited. A diplomat has arrived from Agreydor a vast country acroos the big sea. I am pretty sure he is here to negotiate marriage for me. I can't wait to be married, to get out of here, to gain just an ounch of freedom.

 My father is a very strict man and I spend most of my time locked up in the castle, I am sure no matter who my husband will be, he is going to allow me more freedom. To my father I am mostly a priced position for him to barter away. So far no one have been willing or rich enough to pay his price.

 But as far as I had heard the rumours and whispers spreading through the castle, not only was the country of Agreydor very rich, the prince was young and very handsome. I so wanted this deal to go through.

 Would I prefer to choose my own husband ? Well I guess I would like that, but I wouldn't know where to start, how to know which was the right one. I have been groomed all my life to be a perfect princess and I don't know much else.

 Finally the doors open and the guard nods to me. "The king wants to see you, your Highness". I sweep past him into the grand hall. My father and mother is sitting on their thrones. In front of them stands the diplomat, a mousy man, he looks happy.

 My father looks at me, sending me a rare smile. "Good news my daugther. Finally someone sees you worth. You are to leave for once for Agreydor to marry the crown prince".

 "Thank you, your Majesty". I say giving him a small courtesy. Keeping my face neutral, even though what I really want to is jump and clap my hands.

 I was a bit shocked though, when I found out that I was travelling on a pirate ship with only the diplomat  as my company. The ship was to small for me to bring any of my ladies in waiting. I would have to do everything myself for a month. I was told the waters were dangerous and called for a skilled captain and a smaller ship to make it. I also couldn't bring to much, just the most necessary, I would be provided with everything I needed when I arrived at my new home.



 I am standing by the railing of my ship looking over the harbour when a royal wagon arrives. I watch the driver and his paige, get up and open the door. The diplomat gets out first, extending his hand to someone inside.

 I see a slim hand first and then the most beautiful creature I ever laid my eyes upon emerges. She is wearing a simple green dress with golden trimmings suitable for travels. Her hair a waterfall of dark honey curls, her face would make angels cry with envy and so would her body. Ben is most definately a lucky man.

 The driver and paige carries a heavy looking trunk abord, then bow to her, wishing her safe travels and leave. She looks around like she expects a welcome committee. But right now there is only me. I gave the crew the day of. They needed a little freedom before another month at sea.

 The diplomat walks abord giving me a curt nod, before disappearing down to his cabin. He has Ken's cabin for the journey, and Ken bunk with the men. The princess looks a little lost, then she hoist up her dress and slowly walk up the plank.

 "Welcome abord your Highness". I do a very courteous bow. She looks a bit scared for a moment, then she straightens her back. Her storm grey eye boring into me. "Why are you just standing there ? Get my trunk to my quarters".

 "Aya aya my Queen". I hold back a chuckle. Okay she has no way at knowing that I am the captain, I am only wearing pants and a shirt, all that jacket and big hat is not something I wear every day. I let it slide, thinking her reaction later is going to be priceless.

 I hoist up the trunk, wondering what the fuck she has brought, as it weighs a ton. "So did you pull down the castle brick by brick and packed it ?"

 "No, I brought my favorite books". She says following me down to my own cabin, so a princess that reads, very interesting.

 I sit down the trunk in my cabin. She looks around. "Well a bit small, but that's to be expected on a ship I guess. This will do, thank you".

 I bow hiding my grin, well the princess is in for a rather big surprice later on, well several. But for now I leave her alone.



 I look around in the cabin, it is spacious for a ships cabin with a table, several big chests and two big book cases on either side of an opening, inside the opening is a bed. In a corner stands a big wooden tub to bathe in.

 It is not what I am used to, but it will do, especially since it is going to take me to freedom and to my husband.

 Soon I hear sounds and then distants voices, and I walk out on the deck to watch the crew get the ship ready. I notice that I lot of them looks at me kind of strange, but I ignore it, holding my head high, not wanting this rugged bunch to scare me.

 "Your Highness, you better come with me up here". I turn to see a man, he is a bit older than most and I first assume he is the captain, he is clad in brown leather pants and a white shirt with a colourful scarf tied around his waist. He has bright blue eyes with and blond slightly graying hair. "I am Ken, the first mate, by the way".

 I follow him up the steps to were the ships wheel is, looking down on the men working from there. "So Ken, do I need to be scared of the crew ?"

 "Not as long as you do as myself or the captain tells you". He says, sending me a friendly smile. "But a lot of those men are rough. And a lot of them still believe that it is bad luck having a woman aboard".

 "And were is the captain ?" I still haven't seen anyone that looks like a captain abord the ship, I am expecting some weathered older man, possible with an eye patch or a wooden leg.

 Ken calls out some commands to the crew before turning to me again. "The captain will be out soon as we are about to leave port".

 Then I hear the heavy footfall of booths and I turn to see the captain approach, but it's not the captain, it's the cabin boy who carried my trunk to the cabin earlier. Now he is wearing a long leather coat over his white shirt. On his head is a black wide rimmed hat, the rim folded up on one side and adorned with a big black silvertipped feather. Ken straighten up. "The captain, Thomas Hiddleston, also known as 'silver tongue'".

 "Why didn't you tell me you are the captain". I say glaring at him. "I wouldn't have treated you like that if I knew".

 "Well maybe you shouldn't threat anyone like that, no matter if they are a captain or a cabin boy". He says smirking at me. "I see you have met my first mate, 'Three legs Ken'".

 I don't know much about pirates, apparently they like nicknames. I get the captains, assuming he got a way with words. But I don't really get Ken's. "Three legs ? But you only have two legs ?"

 "Oh no don't ask him to show you the third leg". The captain say grinning and Ken grabs his crouch making an obscene motion with his hips, making me beet red in my face. "Ken behave she is a princess not a bar wench".

 When Ken has left the captain looks at me. "My apologies your Highness. My men isn't to used to women, especially not of your class".

 A small black and white monkey come running and I almost scream out, seeing it crawl up the captains leg, as he is calling out a lot of captain like things to his men. It sits on his shoulder, it's tail around his neck as it eyes me wearily.

 As he grabs the wheel, I ask hesitantly. "You have a monkey ? You have a real monkey as a pet ?" I have never seen a living monkey before.

 "More like an assistant. Your Highness this is Luke the monkey. Luke this is her Highness princess Isolde, can you say hi ?"

 The monkey holds out its small hand towards me and when I holde out my finger to it, the monkey takes my finger, kisses it and sends me what looks like a smile, making me laugh. "Well hallo there Luke". I look at the captain. "He is very polite".

 "Of course, I raised him to be a gentleman". He smiles at me, he actually has a very nice smile. He grabbs my hand, kissing it softly. "Captain Thomas, at your service your Highness".

 "Thank you captain". I say, smiling back at him. Actually he don't look like a pirate captain or not what I expected. He has piercing light blue eyes, a strong jaw and sharp cheekbones, his hair is a sandy ginger colour and swept back, showing tendencies to curl.

 "So princess, just a months time and you will be safely delivered to your prince and future husband". He says and I nod looking over the wast ocean, hoping our journey will be safe.

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