The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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5. A Prince in love



 I am pacing my room. I can't get her of my mind, the sweet smile she always sends me when she thinks I am crazy. Her voice that always seems to slide over my skin as silk. The way she wets her lip before speaking. And now added to those things the sight of her body only in her underwear, her soft rounded breast and those pink nipples that gives me some very naughty ideas.

 What is wrong with me ? I can't seem to find peace, I have been unable to sit down for more than a few moments at a time all day. I feel giddy and elated in some funny way and on the same time melancholy threatens to overtake me.

 I slowly open the door to walk down to see her, I promised her I would come by, and I want to, but some part of me is shying away. The castle is silent now, I think most people are asleep by now. Maybe she is asleep too ? I tell myself I will only knock softly, if she don't answer it means she is asleep and I don't want to wake her up.

 "Come in". Her voice sounds as soon as I touch the door and I feel my heart flutter as well as fear run through me and part of me wants to run back to my room.

 I slowly open the door walking in. "Evening darling. Sorry I...". I stop in my track, just starring at her, hering the door slam shut behind me. She is standing by the window, turning around to face me. She is wearing a demure white nightgown. But the candles on the window sill behind her makes the thin fabric see through. I can clearly see the outline of her body and that she don't wear anything but her nightgown.

 Shit, I am the one who can't breathe now, she is so beautiful and I feel an overwhelming desire to touch her, to claim her as mine. I feel my cheeks go red, watching her smile. "You finally came, I was waiting for you".

 What would she say if I kissed her ? How would she react if I touched her ? And could I trust her reaction to be true ? Or will she be afraid to anger the prince by rejecting him ?

 "I.. I promised you I would come". I slowly walk closer, drinking her in, her skin glowing in the soft light and I wonder what she would taste like, what her skin would feel like under my finger tips. And I realise that I need her so badly it is almost a physical pain.



 He came. I had been afraid he wouldn't come as promised. I longed to see him again, thirsty for his attention. Seeing him smile always make me feel warm and fuzzy and I could look into his eyes forever and never stop seeing something new.

 As he get closer to me I well my breathing catch in my throat. He really are handsome and I truly envy the princess that is coming to marry him. He is dressed but relaxed in dark brow loose pants and a dark shirt. His hair is ruffled, like he has been running his hand through it again and again.

 His eyes are burning with a deep smolder I haven't seen before and he is mumbling to himself. "I shouldn't do this. Oh what you do to me woman. I am totally under you spell".

 He stops right in from of me and I have to look up to have eye contact with him, his hand reaching out to me, long fingers stroking over my cheek. Then his hand slide around my neck, running into my hair and before I can figure out what is happening his lips is on mine.

 His lips feels so soft against mine and I feel light headed, his other hand has a good grip on my hip, my hands resting on his chest, feeling his heart beat like crazy.

 The his tongue runs over my lips making me shudder. And his tongue starts tapping my bottom lip, making me part my lips, feeling his tongue slip into my mouth finding mine. It feels so intimate and forbidden and I am totally breathless.

 It feels like he is drinking me in, tasting me. Soft groans rising from his chest. And as he pulls me against him I feel his hard manhood press into my hip. It feels exhilarating, but it also makes me blush.

 When he finally tear his lips from mine he rests his forehead against mine. We har both out of breath, panting a bit and his voice is almost a hoarse whisper. "Tell me to go my love, tell me to leave, and I will".

 I know I should. I mean as a woman I am supposed to remain pure until my wedding. But I also know that I will never marry, there will never be a man that can measure up to him. "Ben". I whisper back softly and he hums in response. "Stay, please stay".

 "Are you sure ?" Both his hands move to cup my face, tilting my chin to look him in the eyes and I nod. His mouth slowly moving down on mine, the touch making me moan, grabbing his shirt pulling myself into him.

 He falls to his knees in front of me, slowly running his hands up my legs, moving my nightgown up. When he reaches my thighs he looks up at me. "May I ?" I nod frantically, biting my lip. As he stands back up he run his hands up the sides of my body and I raise my arms letting him pull of my dress, leaving me completely naked.

 "God you are beautiful". He breathes out and I am sure my entire body blushes as his finger slowly trail down my arms, then back up. They brush along my collarbones, and meet in the middle, to stroke down between my breasts and over my stomach. His big hands sliding around to grasp my hips pulling me into him, kissing me again.

 His hands are sliding down my back, suddenly grabbing my behind, lifting me up, making me gasp and fold my legs around him. He carries me to the bed, laying me down gently. Then he straightens up and pull of his shirt.

 My eyes run over his broad chest, it has a light cover of dark hair, making him look very masculine. His stomach has some dark hair too. I want to run my hands through that hair to see if it will tickle my hand.

 He lies down beside me, his fingers drawing trails of heat across my body, making me whimper slightly, aching for more, wanting him to touch me. My hand running over his chest, it does tickle in the very best way.

 His lips finds mine again, and kissing him is like getting fed ambrosia from the realm of the gods, like having someone know your heart and soul, like seeing the first flowers bloom in spring or feeling the first crisp snowflakes on your face on a winter day.

 When his mouth moves down my neck, he whispers against my skin. "Relax darling, I promise to take care of you and protect you".

 And I know he will, I know he would never hurt or harm me in any way on purpose. His mouth finds my breast. Leaving soft kisses all over it, nippling softly at my sensitive skin. Then his tongue finds my nipple, circling it and I feel it instantly get hard and strutting.

 Everything I know about sex, and granted it isn't much, is obsolete. I wasn't prepared for this. This feeling building inside my stomach, this desire to feel him, to have his mouth on my skin.

 I gasp out loud when his lips closes around my nipple, teasing it. My body soon feels on fire and when he nipples on it I buck of the mattress. Holy shit.. I am gasping his name, grabbing at the sheets. Now I get why they don't tell us about sex, if young women knew it would bring this kind of delight no one would be a virgin when they got married.

 His mouth starts moving down my stomach, and he moves, placing him between my legs. His voice deep and vibrating, going straight to my core. "You are as tempting as the finest dessert my love". He mumbles between kisses to my skin.

 At first I don't get what he is doing, then I feel his mouth on my inner thigh, moving up to my heated center and warm folds. I feel a bit embarresed at first, him kissing me there, licking. Oh God, I throw my head back. making a string of incoherent sound as he sucks on a particular sensitive spot.

 I feel his hand slide up my leg, gracing over me, while his mouths is still on me and I am sure I am totally going to lose it. Then he very slowly slide a finger into me and I am sure I go cross eyed, gasping and whimpering.

 "Are you okay love ?" He whispers against me and I try to say yes, but it is mostly just guttural sounds, at least he seems to understand than I am more than okay.

 I feel like a marionet doll and he is pulling the strings, he is controlling my body completely. It feels like a coil is tightening inside my lower stomach, like some kind of strange magic is running through me, all the small hairs on my body standing on ends.

 His finger is stroking me inside and it feels so amazing. Then suddenly he seems to hit a spot inside that makes me loose all control. It feels like a warm wave of pleasure runs through me and I scream out. Ben gently muffles my sound with his hand.

 I am panting and gasping as Ben removes his hand. "Sorry love. I just didn't want someone to come running thinking you were hurt". I blush badly, had I done something wrong ? He kisses me softly. "Don't darling, there is nothing wrong at all in showing your pleasure".

 My whole body feels so good and relaxed, but I know that wasn't even the real thing, I mean I have seen animals mate. I normally sleep in a big room with the other servant girls and they sometimes has men visiting.

 He slips of his pants and I shyly let my hand slide down his stomach, closing my hand around his manhood. I don't really know what I had expected it to feel like, but not like this. The tip is kind of springy, like a musroom almost, the lenght is hard as steel, all covered in soft skin.

 I stroke it gently, hearing him moan deeply in his chest, I like the idea that I am making him sound like that, that I am making him feel good.

 "I promise to be very gently my love, but this could hurt a bit in the beginning. Tell me if it is to much". He says softly and I nod. 

 He position himself over me and I grab his biceps, feeling the need to hold onto something strong. I feel him press against my entrance. Slowly, my body giving in, allowing him entrance. He is looking into my eyes, whispering sweet words to me the whole time.

 It is okay, a bit overwhelming, but okay. Then it is like he hit something. A wall inside me. He put a bit more force into his pressure, and it starts to hurt a bit, a dull throbbing pain, making me moan slightly.

 "Sorry my love". He leans down to kiss me softly. "I can't do this gently, it will hurt but only for a moment or do you want me to stop ?"

 "No don't stop". I whisper against his cheek. "Just get it over with, I want you to do it". I brace myself, getting ready for the pain.

 He lowers his head starting to play with my nipple with his tongue and soon that is all I can focus on, then in a swift hard thrust he buries himself completely inside me. A sharp pain shooting through me making me gasp. But then it is gone.

 "Is it okay ?" He asks and I nod. He kisses me and starts to slowly roll his hips down on me. It hurts a bit but nothing bad. It also feels good, it feels like we are one. He is looking into my eyes, when he isn't softly kissing me.

 I can feel him swift some of his weight back to his knees, one hand smiding down to lift my leg, hooking it on his hip, his hand sliding down staying on my hip. He starts moving a little faster. Still keeping eyecontact with me and I feel every barrier is gone, and I am starring directly into his soul.

 "You feel so amazing my love". His voice strained and raw, coming out on a soft moan, and I must admit the sound of his voice hits something deep inside me, making me shudder lightly.

 I can feel it is getting harder for him to hold the same pace and he is clearly holding back, being careful with me and I love him for being this considerate. His hand slides from my hip and in between us, starting to gently caress that special spot.

 My legs start shaking and I feel a new wave of pleasure grabbing me, this time biting down on my own hand to stop me from screaming. Hearing him gasp and moan my name, shuddering slightly. Then he collapses on the bed beside me, pulling me into his arms.

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