The Prince and the pirate

Benedict is a 27 year old crown Prince that don't feel ready for marriage and settling down. But the law is that he needs to have an heir to claim the throne and his father is getting nervous as Ben's uncle is pining for the throne. So he forces Ben to chose a wife among suitable princesses.
Ben's best friend Tom who happens to be a pirate Captain is sent on the long journey to retrive Ben's bride.
But what happens when Ben's eyes Fall on a new young servant girl ? And how does the princess handle a month on a pirate ship ?

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13. A gift that can't be returned



 I carry her upstairs to the room with the big bed. Putting her gently down on her feet and turning to close and lock the door. I know this is wrong, I know this can.. well it most possible will get me killed, but right now I don't care.

 "You are so beautiful". I tell her, as I step up to her, throwing my hat and coat on a chair, kicking of my boots. Then I slowly walk around to stand behind her, reaching out to slowly untie her corset.

 It falls to the ground, and I grib the hem of her blouse, pulling it over her head. Then I take her hand, turning her to face me. My eyes running down over her, taking in the sight of her soft breast with the hard pink nipples.

 She blushes a bit, looking down and I gently grab her chin lifting it to look into her eyes. "Don't be shy my love, you are so incredibly beautiful and sexy, be proud and keep your head high always".

 I kneel down in front of her, slowly opening her pants and pulling them down her legs, hissing when I see her naked body underneath. "You naughty girl, no under garments".

 "The pants was to tight". She says biting her lip and I chuckle, had I know we would probably never have left the ship.

 I start by kissing her left hip, then leaving kisses all the way down to her feet and back up the backside of her leg and over her perky ass, across her lower back and down her right leg, to slowly return to her hip, no bit of skin untouched by my lips.

 My mouth now adorning her back in small kisses, then her shoulders, arms and fingers. Wallowing in every curve and plane of her glorious body. When I reach the front of her body I savour her, avoiding her breast until I have kissed every other patch of skin. Then I leave kisses and soft bites all over her round soft breasts.

 When I get to her first nipple she is already gasping and squirming, and I just kiss one nipple, then the other gentle, before lifting her up and carrying her to the bed. I lay her down, and stand up to remove my own clothes, feeling her eyes on me.

 I crawl up beside her and kiss her softly, her arms and leg instantly folding around me, our naked bodies in full contact. My hands is caressing, stroking, grabbing every bit of her body I can reach. Our mouths fused together. We kiss, touch, feel. One momenth she is on top of me, the next under me, sometimes we are on our sides totally entwined. No need to rush, I like taking my time, enjoying every bit of her fully.

 When I almost cant take it any longer, I gently get her down on her back. I kiss her deeply, feeling how her breathing picks up, getting even more shallow, feeling her hands almost rake over my back, making me gasp.

 My hand finds her breast, it is soft but firm and I start kneading it softly, slowly using more force, to find out what she likes, keeping the pressure when she starts moaning.

 "You are so beautiful". I breathe out before my mouth leaves little kisses down her throat and all the way down to her nipple, letting my tongue play with it, feeling how it immediately gets hard under my caresses.

 She moans and pushes her chest up against me as I suck her nipple in between my lips, and it is such a turn on seeing how she reacts to my touches and kisses.

 I slowly move down her body, and I feel her tense a little, so I gently whisper against her hot skin. "Relax baby, just relax and let me take care of you".

  I let my fingers slowly slide over her folds, she is warm and soft and she only has a light cover of golden hair. When I just grace her clit with my thumb, she bucks her hips up, gasping out loud. "Oh God Tom, that feels so amazing".

 I chuckle and let my thump grace back over it, adding a little more pressure, making her almost scream, oh how sensitive she is, so responsive.

 As I lower my head, running my tongue over her, I feel how her entire body shudders, I slowly circle her clit, and she is pulling at my hair, pushing up against me, as soon as I press my tongue against her clit, she is cumming, moaning my name over and over.

 I use the possibility, now when I know her mind is elsewhere and her body is relaxed, to gently slide a finger inside her warm tunnel, feeling how her muscles are stil clenching from the orgasm, she is wet and warm and feels soo amazing.

 But she is also soo very tight and I can easily feel her hymen, I can only just get a single finger past it, this is a girl that has never ridden horses or done anything else to break or expand it, shit this will hurt her, there is no way around it and I start to feel nervous, I don't want to hurt her.



 Oh shit I never imagined that anything could feel like this, now I kind of get why we are keept from it, getting told that is is bad. I mean if you have first tried this, how could you ever go without it for any amount of time ?

 The feeling of his warm lips and tongue on my skin, especially down there, his hands touching me, his finger inside me, it is amazing and overwhelming, my head is spinning and I am gasping for air.

 "Darling this might pinch a bit, but I need to.. uh expand the space a bit or stop here, because I don't want to hurt you". He whispers softly, and I just nod, I don't care if it will hurt, I just want him.

 I feel how he pushes a second finger inside me, first there is a bit pressure and then there is a short sharp flash of pain, that makes me gasp. He shushes me softly, kissing my inner thighs, replacing the short pain with more lust and pleasure.

 "Tell me if it is to much okay ?" He mumbles against my skin, and I nod again, He is so gentle and protective, and it only makes me want this more. I can handle the pain, I know now that it is only temporary and will be replaced by pleasure soon enough.

 I can feel how he very gently spreads his fingers apart, twirling them slowly, his warm mouth back kissing and licking my thighs, up around his fingers and over my clit, just to go back down again and then repeat.

 It hurts a little bit, but every little flash of pain is quickly drowned out by pleasure and excitement and I am writhing and pushing against his fingers, while gasping and moaning in equal part. His breathing is heavy and he makes an almost humming sound in his throat.

  Then he hits a spot inside me, that makes my eyes roll back and my toes curl. "Oh God, keep doing that Tom".

 He smirks and starts rubbing the spot slowly and I almost can't breathe, but right when it is close to being to much, when I am sure I am going to cum gloriously, he stops and I whimper, making him chuckle. "Patience darling".

  Then he slides up, hovering over me, the sight so very sexy that I let my hands rub over his chest, making him groan slightly. "I will be as gentle as possible, but I might hurt quite a bit darling, please say if it is to much. You can grab my arms, and don't worry about squeezing, you won't hurt me".

  "Ready darling ?" He asks sofly, and I nod, grabbing a hold of his arm, he uses one hand to his guide the tip in, I feel stretched, but no pain so far.

 He slowly moves the tip in and out, coating it in my juices and it feel oh so good, he kisses me softly. "I can't do this slowly, it would just drag out the pain and prolong it, it will be quick like pulling a band aid".

 I bite my lip, and I think I am tensing up, he leans down again, kissing me. "Sweetie, you need to relax, when you clench up like this I can't move at all".

 Then his mouth find my nipple, teasing it, nibbling at it and I feel my body relax, focused around the pleasure his mouth is giving me, then suddenly I feel a sharp blinding pain as he pushes into me hard, breaking my hymen.

 It is done, there is no way back. I can't get back what I have just given him. I feel a short flash of fear, thinking of what will happen when I am not a virgin on my wedding night. But I am happy and content with my choice.

 He stays still, letting my body adjust, probably getting himself under control, as he is panting and shivering slightly. "Oh shit baby, you feel so good".

 I want to tell him that he feels good, because it does, now the pain has subsided, but I am not capable of pressing out a single word.

 He grabs my leg, hooking it around his hip, then he starts moving slowly, rolling his hip over me, my fingers digging into his wrists, my other leg folding up around him too, almost by itself. He is very much aware of me the whole time and I know that he is making sure I am okay.

 As he starts moving faster, coming deeper, my hands slide up, grabbing his strong shoulders, it is like he hits everything inside me at once and it is almost to much, but only almost.

 Somewhere in the back, I register a bit of pain, but the prominent feelings are pleasure and happiness and I lift my head, kissing across his collarbone. "Please, harder.. faster, it feels so good".

 He gasps slightly, looking at me with dark eyes, pulling slowly out, then snapping his hip down, filling me in a hard deep trust, making me throw my head back in ecstasy.

 And when he keep doing that in a fast pace, making me feel like I am getting impaled with each thrust, I just loose control, pushing myself up against him, screaming my pleasure out as a orgasm rolls over me, pulling him with me.

 He collapses on top of me, and I try to calm down, feeling his weight on me, felling his heart beat hard against me, hearing his quick breathing in my ear.

 "No stay". I whimper, as he tries to move away, holding on to him, and he chuckles lightly in my ear. "Darling I am crushing you".

 When I reluctantly lets go, he slips down beside me, pulling me into his arms, sighing deeply, and I feel so utterly content, snuggling into him. "Thank you Tom".

 "No thank you Issie, thank you so much". He whispers softly, kissing my neck, and I close my eyes, drifting of to sleep.

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