The Last Time

He's so sad and that went right through my soul. His eyes watered and my heart broke. He shouldn't have been hurt like this. I'm pretty sure this I the last time he's asking me this...


2. Welcomer

Luke was kinda my only friend that day. Since I'm new, no one cared to talk to me and left me alone. But Luke was always there. His smile was flawless and his eyes are the brightest blue I've ever seen. He's really nice to me and I hung around him after school too. We sat at a bench, after school, just scrolling around on our phones.

And that's when everything was now screwed. He was here! The boy with green eyes and colourful hair!  My heart stopped as he as e caught my gaze, smile and waved at me,then left. 

"What was that all about?" Luke asked.

"Luke! He's the guy from the party I told you about!" I exclaimed. 

"Michael? No way!" He said

" know him!?!" I squealed

"Yeah! He's in my band also an where known each other forever! I still can't believer that that was him though...." He said

I sat there, just utterly and completely stunned. "Here" Luke said, interlacing his fingers in mine,"Come to band practice today and meet him and the guys! Oh and don't worry, we'll come back for your car afterwards." 

He bit his lip and led me to his car. We drove there in a non awkward silence, and it was really peaceful to listen to Green Day and stare out the window like a damn music video like the basics...

As we pulled into his drive, a boy with curly brown hair and big hazel eyes hopped out of his car. 

"Oh hey Luke, I just defeated the headrest level on Fif- OHMYGOD WHO U SHE AND WHY DO YOU ALWAYS GET THE PRETTY ONE!?!?" He yelled. 

I blushed and looked way at his comment and replied "Yeah level one is really hard and this is Sam, she's new here and I wanted to take her to band practice and NO we aren't dating, not yet anyway" 

He winked at me when he said the last part. And then Michael decides to join us...

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