The Last Time

He's so sad and that went right through my soul. His eyes watered and my heart broke. He shouldn't have been hurt like this. I'm pretty sure this I the last time he's asking me this...


3. High ha

Michaels POV

I couldn't believe she was here! The girl I had met at a party was here with Luke! 

"Umm...hey Michael" she said blushing with a smile on her face. 

"Hi" I replied.

"Sam meet Michael and Michael meet the girl of your damn dreams!" Luke exclaimed. We all laughed as soon as Calum came out. 

"Are you guys coming or not!?!" He said. 

"We'll be right there!" I yelled back.

Luke grabbed Sams hand and lead her inside the house. She was so goddamn beautiful.

                         SAMs pov

You guys, Calum is SO cute! His  jawline and eyes get me every time. They sang their song Gotta Get Out and I clapped and squealed when they finished. 

"You guys are so good! I love the song!" I said 

"Thank you!" Calum said with a big smile on his face. 

"You're welcome" I replied looking down and blushing. 

"Ooooh we see some tension up in here" Ashton said. Then Michael came up to me and calum.

"And woop, there's the jealous girlfriend" ash said while laughing. 

We all laughed an went into the kitchen. I sat on the stool next to Luke at the counter. "" I suggested. 

"Yesssss!!!!" They all said in unison.

"ok then!" I said chuckling.

As the pizza guy put me on hold, a question rang through my head. 

Michael or Calum? 

My eyes went wide then I shook the question from my head and ordered. But still....who would I pick?.....


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