The Last Time

He's so sad and that went right through my soul. His eyes watered and my heart broke. He shouldn't have been hurt like this. I'm pretty sure this I the last time he's asking me this...


1. Hemmings, Luke 1996

My alarm went off and scared me so bad, I fell off my bed. I rubbed my head and hit snooze. I went over to my mirror and looked at myself. My hair was a mess and I had last nights party makeup streamed down my face. As I took a shower I thought about the beautiful green eyed boy named Michael I had met last night. I would probably never see him again, which made me sad. I hopped out and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. I wore my off the shoulder green day shirt and tight jeans. I put my hair in a towel and went down stairs. My parents probably went to work already and the bus already took my 5 year old sister Laney to school. Oh! 

Hi. My name is Samantha but I go by Sam. I'm 17 years old and have blue  eyes and ombré hair that is shoulder length. I was born and raised here in Australia, but my family never had the accent, so I didn't either. I'm currently listening to American beauty/American physco by Fall Out Boy. I went in the bathroom to do my makeup. I did myself well, and put on my snapback and a pair of hooped earring and grabbed my phone and earbuds then went into my red mustang and drove myself to school. 

As I pulled up, I noticed some really cute guy with a blonde quiff who looked about my age. I smiled quietly to myself, grabbed my  backpack and phone, and went to first period after the bell nag from home room. There were a lot of kids in my class, and the teacher made my worst nightmare come true. She pulled in the front of the class and made my introduce myself. As I did, the cute blonde boy I saw earlier walked in and smiled at me. "Good morning Luke" my teacher said.

"Good morning Mrs.Lancaster" he  said as he sat down. I soon noticed that the only available seat was in  front of Luke. As I sat down he tapped me on the shoulder. I looked at him and he said "Hi! I'm Luke and I've never seen you here before. Are you new?"

"ummm.. Yeah I just moved to this school but lived in Australia my whole life" I replied. 

"Well...welcome to hell beautiful" he said biting his lip. 

 Oh shit.

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