Since I Saw You Last

It's based on Gary Barlow, along with from the start of his life, with Take That, his solo career, his family, weight and the life he has now. It's like a true story


1. Chapter One


There's a little boy who came into the world in Frodsham, Cheshire in 1971, 20th January, living with his parents Colin and Marjorie Barlow and his older Brother Ian. He is the boy at the age of ten, started to develop an early interest in music and learning how to play the piano. His name is Gary Barlow. Here is the chapter of his life. 


Sunny morning in Cheshire... Gary at the age on ten was in his bedroom trying to learn how to play his new piano.


"Gary!" Colin shouted

"Yes dad?" Gary wondered

"Dinner is ready" Colin smiled

"Oh fab!" Gary runs downstairs  


Colin, Marjorie, Gary and Ian sat round the table eating their Sunday dinner, that's what they had every Sunday. 


"Mum, would you like to hear me on the piano later?" Gary asked

"Of course" Marjorie answered

"You can't play!" Ian joked

"Yes i can.... i'm getting there" Gary sighed

"Don't wind him up... I'm sure Gary is brilliant" Colin smiled

"I learnt a few bits on piano mum, it sounds okay.." Gary grinned

"Ah that's amazing" Marg smiled

"This is yummy, did you cook it daddy?" Gary asked

"Yes i did!" Colin stroked his hair

"I did the most" Marjorie laughed

"I want to learn to cook one day!" Gary tells them


The family ate their dinner and had a good chat, laugh and talking about the future. After dinner, Gary helped clear away while Ian went off playing with his friends at the park. Gary kept thinking about music and his piano, so he goes off upstairs into his bedroom. He looked at his little piano and pressed a few keys, he sat down and played along. His mum was behind his door outside his bedroom, she could hear Gary on piano as she smiled to herself. 


"That sounds really good" Marg praised him as she walked in

"Thanks mummy" Gary smiled


Gary started trying to learn a song from Pet Shop Boys as he tries to sing it and play piano at the same time. His mum and dad were proud of him and always had praised him. 


"Please may i have a brand new keyboard for Christmas?" Gary asked

"If you like.. Will you use it?" Marg wondered

"Yes of course mummy" Gary smiled

"It's on the Santa's list then" Marg smiled

​"Yes!!!! Thank You" He cheered


Gary learnt a lot of things and gets better every time. He would play on piano and sing all day and never gets bored. 


"How are things at School?" Marg asked, sitting next to Gary

"It's okay" Gary answered

"I heard you work really hard, all the teachers are proud of you" Marg smiled

"I work harder in music" Gary said

"Hm really? You really love it don't you?" Marg wondered

"I was thinking of recording a song too" Gary grinned

"Recording? Wow. I'm so proud of you. Keep it up, you'll be a star in next ten years" Marg tapped on his back

"I hope so" Gary smiled softly

"What else would you like for christmas?" She asked

"Recorder" Gary looked at her

"I'll have a look for one" She answered

"Oh thanks! I want to record my singing and then show it my music teacher" He starts to get excited

"I am sure she will love it!" She grinned

"It's a he!" He told her

"Oh, my mistake. Don't be too late in bed okay? It's 7pm. Love you" She tells him as she kisses him on forehead

"Love you too" Gary watches her go and starts playing on piano


Gary looked at the time and relaise it's 11pm, he hears his mum and dad going to bed and he rushes in his bed quickly. Once he got in bed, he fell asleep as his dad checked on him.


Gary's first school was Weaver Vale Primary School. He began writing songs at the age of 15. Gary wrote a couple of songs and sang them, then recorded them and added them to his recording cassette tape, especially A Million Love Songs, Babe, Why Can't I Wake Up With You, Open Road and Evergreen. He tries to sell them in the playground for 50p, especially to his good friend Dean.


"Dean! I would like to sell my tape, fancy a listen?" Gary smiled

"Yeah, why not!" Dean grinned

"It's 50p!" Gary handed him the tape

"Thanks. I'll check it out when i get home" Dean gave him 50p

"Cool. Mate, shall we play football for few minutes?" Gary asked

"Okay!" Dean joins him

"I'm looking forward to our play soon" Gary tells him

"Me too. I'm nervous" Dean said

"Ah don't be! I'm nervous but we're only young!" Gary grinned

"Are your family there?" Dean asked

"Course, Mum and Dad always watches me, what about yours?" Gary answered

"Yeah, my sister, mum and dad" Dean giggled

"I will beat you at this" Gary kicked the ball giggling

"No you won't!" Dean ran with Gary happily


Gary and Dean played football together and appeared in school plays together. Apart from school, he spent his teens touring and gigging around the north of England and teaching himself all he could about pianos, keyboards and production. Then, Gary moved on to Frodsham High School when he was 16. Gary did really well at his high school as a student, especially doing plays, singing and using piano. Everyone was so proud of him. He sang in the pubs too and won a few awards. He had a girlfriend called Heather, they both liked music but it didn't last long for many reasons. He also was seeing Nicky aswell after Heather, but Heather was upset as when she knocked on Gary's door, she saw Nicky there with Gary. 

Few days later, one night, Gary had finished performing on stage in a club and he went to buy himself a drink of pop. He sees that there is a band coming on and he thought, why not? He stayed all night to watch them. It made him think, he would really love to do music. He has a slow walk on the way home and sees a poster on wall "New BoyBand wanted" Auditions. Firstly, he had a tape with him and thought to see this publisher of record company next day.


Gary was really excited about going to see the publisher, he had his demo tape with him and waited for this man to meet him in his office. 

"Hello, are you called Gary Barlow?" He asked

"Yes i am" Gary smiled nervously

"Come in, i hear you want to show and play your songs?" He said firmly

"Yeah, i have about 6 songs on there, would love you to hear it" Gary sighed softly, giving him the tape. 

"Looking forward to it! Hope it's good" The man starts playing the tape


He doesn't say anything but Gary looks at him nervously, hoping he likes the songs. The publisher starts playing all the songs, making Gary think he does like it. He smiles softly. Then, the tape finishes. 


"What did you think?" Gary asked softly

"What do i think?" He says without any emotion and expression, he suddenly throws the tape out of the window

"What did you do that for?" Gary shockingly asked 

"Don't ever come back with any of your music ever again, don't come back!" He said firmly


​Gary sighed deeply, stood up and walks out of the room quietly. He felt really gutted and abit upset. He really wants to do music, it's his passion but that won't stop him from doing music, he'll find something.. Gary decided he needed some money, so he goes into the bank and bumps into Mark Owen. 

"Hi" Mark smiled

"Hey" Gary nodded softly

"Are you the guy that's been singing in clubs? You sound good!" Mark praised him

"Yes i am and thankyou, what's your name?" Gary asked

"Mark. Mark Owen. Nice to meet you" Mark shaked his hand

"Oh same to you mate" Gary shaked his hand too

"I've seen a poster going around, auditions for a new boyband, wanna give it a go?" Mark wondered, thinking of trying

"You're asking me? I saw it earlier. I've just been let down on this demo tape and the publisher hated it" Gary sighed

"Oh don't let yourself down, ignore him and give this a go. Show him what a superstar you are" Mark reassures him

"Thanks" Gary smiled softly

"Hopefully, see you there next week?" Mark smiled

"Yeah!" Gary smiled, thinking he has met a nice friend


Gary then walks home, thinking of moving on and took the auditions poster with him at home. He kept looking at it all week. His mum even encouraged him to try it out. 


Gary got asked to do a music video called "Love Is In The Air", he was willing to do it and he met this stunning, blonde woman called Dawn. She went red everytime Gary spoke to her. 

"Hey, is your name Dawn?" Gary asked softly

"Yeah it is" Dawn smiled nervously

"I'm Gary" Gary kisses her on cheek

"Nice to meet you" Dawn felt blushed

"Same to you, shall we get on with the video? Bit cheesy i know!" Gary smirked


That's how they met but didn't see each other again untill the future, with Take That


















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