Coffee Shop

Looks can decieve. What you see, is not always what you get.


1. Laura

As I sat there watching everyone it began to get a bit colder. The foam on the cappuccino in front of me began to have less bubbles. The barista always steamed the milk too warm for me. I always thought about telling them to not make the milk so warm, but in a combination of forgetting and shyness it always ended up with way too warm milk. So now I had to wait.


Beside me a family were catching up. Father, a teenager daughter and two younger children. The younger ones were running around playing hide and seek and the almost empty coffee shop. At the table the father and oldest daughter were talking. Of the pieces of conversation, I figured the parents were divorced. The girl was wearing a dark blue hoodie with the name of a school.

I recognized the name. I knew it was a prestige full boarding school and my guess was that she was home on weekend leave. 




Laura arrived at the apartment. The space felt cold but yet familiar. As she walked across the cold floor towards the bedroom she noticed Morelia dusting a shelf. They never said much to each other. With a silent nod towards her Laura walked into the bedroom. The room looked deserted. Fake. It felt like a showroom. Forever only looked at and admired but never used. 
The weekend bag she sloppy threw across the floor. It only contained clothes that needed to washed. She knew Morelia would empty it in the tomorrow. 
She slumped herself lazily on the big bed and plugged her headphones in her ears. It didn’t feel right to turn on the speaker. She wouldn’t disturb the sacred silence which occupied the apartment. 
Laura didn’t feel like doing her homework. Instead she just closed her eyes. 
“Dinner and instructions are in the kitchen.” Morelia had silently slipped into Laura's room before leaving for the day. 
“Thanks.” These were the words most exchanged by the two of them. 
Laura heard the front door slam and got out of the bed. She tiptoed over the still very cold floor and into the kitchen. On the counter we're two notes. One from Morelia. One from her mother. The first note contained instructions on how to heat up her dinner. The second one contained the usual information:

Currently in Hong Kong. I’ll be back on Sunday. Love mom!

Laura curled up the note from her mother and threw it in the bin. She got into the bedroom and stripped from her well-known school uniform instead Che changed into a hoodie also provided by the school. It smelled familiar. Like her roomie. Sweet and spicy at the same time. It smelled homely. Her phone vibrated in her pocket. It was a text from Richard:

Meet you at the coffee shop in an hour with Louis and Molly. Dad.

Laura put on her shoes and shut the door behind her.


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