Coffee Shop

Looks can decieve. What you see, is not always what you get.


3. Cathrine


Almost next to the girl with the phone sat a young couple with a baby. 
I think the baby was less than a year old. The baby was placed at the fathers lap who played pick-a-boo with the boy. The mother was vividly explaining something to them both which I could not make out through the murmur of the crowd which had appeared in the coffee shop. 
They looked happy. A family in love with each other. The fathers caringly way of handling the boy while the mother told stories was admiring. This was indeed how I wish it would seem when I got my own family. 





Cathrine looked at the love of her life. It had changed through the years. But she was sure now. There was no one she was going to love more than him. She hid her face behind her hands and revealed it again. He laughed. Cathrine had never heard a more beautiful sound than Maximillan’s laugh. But then again baby laughter unburden by life was probably the most beautiful sounds in the world.

Cathrine took a look at the time. It was almost time. The house was spotless. Every surface was shining from the hard work of Cathrine. She just needed to put Max to sleep and hope he slept through as usually.

He would soon be home. And when he did come home he would show how much he loved her. He would leave love marks all over her body. Preferably in places easy to hide. The love marks weren’t to be seen by any other than Cathrine and himself. It was their secret.  

The dangle of a keychain sounded from the other side of the front door. Cathrine heard the well-known sound of a key turning in the lock. He was home. And he looked like he was in a bad mood. Cathrine prayed to herself that the baby wouldn’t wake. 



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