Coffee Shop

Looks can decieve. What you see, is not always what you get.


2. Alicia


A few tables away from me a woman sat alone. From my guess she was in her early twenties. Her hair was placed perfectly in an up do and her red lips made out the details of her business outfit. She had her phone in her hands taking a selfie drinking her matcha latte. 

Matcha latte was one thing I’d never really understood. To be honest I didn’t really know what was in it, but it was green and looked a bit poisonous to me. 

My own cappuccino had now cooled bit and I took a sip of it. Still a bit too warm.   




Alicia didn’t recognize the face staring back at her. It was a stranger. Foreign to her. It was a face much older than it was supposed to be. She could feel the tears collecting in her eyes and she did everything she could not to let it drop. The sight of her own tears was a sign of weakness. 

Weakness… If there was one thing Alicia wasn’t, it was weak. In every situation she held her chin high and never let anyone see a sign of weakness. 

As she stood there looking in the mirror she wondered how she had come to this. Not recognizing her own reflection. When she was younger she had always embraced herself. But as she grew older the world had started to change. And now she didn’t even know who she was anymore. 

The sun was shining through the window creating a halo. In that moment she felt like an angel. But it wasn’t an angel belonging to this world. It was an angel who had lived as long as possible begging to be taken away from the gruesome world. 

The bath she had been making was ready. She stopped the flowing water and swept her hand through the bubbles. The sweet smell of avocado and almonds from the bath bomb spread through the room. Alice tipped her toe in the warm water checking the temperature. It was perfect. Nor too hot or too cold. She then slowly slipped all of her body under the water letting the foam cover everything. She picked up her foam placed on the right side of the bath. With elegance she took a picture capturing the perfect bubbles before they disappeared like she had done a thousand of times before. She gently put her phone down again making sure not to get it wet.

Alice breathed in. She breathed out. 

To the left from her she carefully picked up the silver blade. She placed the blade on her milky white skin. Gliding. Red drips falling into the water. She let out a sight. And then repeated. The red drips spread quickly in the water leaving a light pink color in the foam.

Alice breathed in. She breathed out. 

As she got dressed she carefully drew the red lips back in place. The white shirt fitted tightly to her body making out her hourglass figure. Together with the pencil shirt and her stilettos she was once again ready to conquer the world. 

Alicia now recognized the face staring back at her.



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