The Last Detective A crime noir thriller

New York, 1942.
Detective Christopher Thomas is a man who takes his cases seriously. When he meets Anne Marks, a secretary who has a hidden past, he puts his life on the line when several deaths happen that is connected to her.

The new crime noir thriller by Robert Helliger.


3. The mysterious woman-3


I stared at the hard, grey, ground. 

The mobster's killer was gone. I didn't see him at all. I knew that the mysterious woman who wanted to pay me a lot of money would think I wasn't a detective who didn't solve any crimes. There was just one suspect. And he had aimed a gun to me. I was keen to think that I would arrest him. Or leave him dead. Or both. In short, I came back to my dingy office...and hoped that she was there waiting as I told her the bad news.

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