The Last Detective A crime noir thriller

New York, 1942.
Detective Christopher Thomas is a man who takes his cases seriously. When he meets Anne Marks, a secretary who has a hidden past, he puts his life on the line when several deaths happen that is connected to her.

The new crime noir thriller by Robert Helliger.


2. The mysterious woman-2


She left me. 

Afterwards, I opened my front door. I held the gun in my right hand.

And I begun to look for the mobster's killer.


I walked down 131st street and 7th Avenue. It was a quiet time. The bright lights of the lamp illuminated the train stations; the lights illuminated the shadowy areas of New York, as I saw several police cars who were parked nearby; I saw their faces were watching for criminals. I was alone in the World...and that was what I preferred to be doing. 


The old man had held up a sign in his right hand that had the words written on it: JESUS SAVES EVERYONE. I ignored him. I walked towards the Irish Pub called ​O'Malley's.​ The Irish-Americans were shifty. I stared at the bar. And I ordered a beer. As I did so, I noticed Greg Lowe, the New York Godfather was with three of his henchmen. I focused on the drink; I paid three dollars. Suddenly Greg Lowe stared at me. "Good evening Craig. I didn't think you'd have the guts to come here". He laughed. He wore a black hat on his head. His black coat was new. His grey trousers were dusty. I stared at his black, polished, boots on his feet. His watch glistened in the gloomy section of the I waited in vain for the mobster's killer to arrive on the scene. I finished my beer. I headed to the Men's Restroom. Afterwards, I walked out of the front door. Suddenly someone aimed a .9mm gun at me. "​Don't move! Or you're dead. I know you're after me. Now, leave me alone detective. Or I'll shoot you dead​". And I put my hands up...and I knew that I'd failed.

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