The Last Detective A crime noir thriller

New York, 1942.
Detective Christopher Thomas is a man who takes his cases seriously. When he meets Anne Marks, a secretary who has a hidden past, he puts his life on the line when several deaths happen that is connected to her.

The new crime noir thriller by Robert Helliger.


4. Epilogue


​The office was a mess. I shook my head. I didn't see any glass was smashed on the soft ground. I was perplexed; I was thinking about Anne when she aimed a .9mm gun at my head.

​"I told you that if you failed, you'd suffer", she said.

​"Look, I almost died before...", I begun to say. 

​"You're not a detective", Anne said. I gazed at her.

​"I am a detective. I'm not a person who faces death all of the time. And, when I come back to the office, I find out it's messed up". Anne smiled.

​"I got a key fixed for the office. I messed it up to look like a break-in. I have my priorities". I aimed my gun at her. "You're a criminal like the mobster was. I can't trust you". And, as she smiled, I called the New York Police Department...and turned her in.

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