Creepypasta x reader lemon

You have a bad life you dad abuses you and your mom does drugs your brothers friend raped you and you smoked you were we’re going to sleet your rest to end it all but a hand stoped you from doing so you looked up and it was someone unknown to you.....


1. That night I saw you

                                Jeff the killer

You took one last puff of you cigarette and put it out with your ash try you sighed with tears in your eyes why did this have to happen to you abuse,rape,drugs,and neglect the four words that have ruined your life. Like you really had one this never really had a start at all. Life was pointless and had no real meaning. You pulled you (h/l) (h/c) in a bun and wiped you tears. “No one will care if I died or not” you sighed pulling up your sleeves up to reveal scares up and down your arms.she fell to her knees in tears “I never asked for this” she whispered. Crawling to her dresser she pulled out a knife and crawled back to we’re she was. She Amed the knife for her rist. Befor stabbing her rist and ending her life her door bursted open think it was her dad she threw the knife and crawled to the corner cry “ pl-“ she was cut off with a hug she has never felt this in her life it was warm and felt good “don’t do it I need you to stay alive” a unfamiliar voice siad His jacket smilt of copper and it was mixed with your tears who ever this man was just saved your life

                               Ben drowned

You crawled in the corner thinking you dad came in drunk again but was pined to the floor by a boy looked like link but pale and had red black orbs and simed to be crying bloode “I swear to fucking god if you do this than you will regret it” you (e/c) eyes were full of tears “w-who are you” you siad sniffing “that is not important” he siad getting off of you and pulling you in a hug. He started to stoke you (h/l) (h/c) out of its bun “just let it out “you yelled out crying in his chest “shhhh it is ok” who ever this was.was not against you like everyone might have something to live for.

                                 Eyeless jack

Crawling to the corner you hold the knife to you chest “s-stay back asshole.....OR I WILL STABE YOU” you siad tears streamed down your face “shhh it is ok just put the knife down and I can get you out of here” A masked man siad he wore a black hoodi and blue jeans and had a blue mask “h-how so I know you now one of his friends trying to rape me” you siad disgusted “I promise you I will not I am here to save you” you gasped “this is n-not a dream right?” He noded she dropped the knife and hoped and hugged him “shhhh it is ok your safe I am here” she cried hard You have been freed by him he will for ever be amazing to you 

                                Hoodi and masky

You here you door burst open you crawl to the corner crying “” she wipered flinching. You than felt two people hug you “your safe now” one man siad “w-w-we a-are here to -h-help you” they let you go “are boss siad he wants you to join us as proxies we will explain on the was (y/n)” she step back “how do you know who I am” “we will e- explain that t-t-to” the other man siad they bother we’re dressed oddly one had a white feminist mask on and a lther jacket he had brown hair and I think side berns yeah pretty sure,and the other was in a hoodi with a ski mask on with a frowning red face on it. You had not cared who they are or what they looked all you cared about is that you can finally leave and never come back these guys were good men they mean a lot to you....

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