The Mirror Part 2 A novel

Janie Shaffer is a seventeen year old teenager who is having a party in her house in Arizona, when her parents go away on Saturday night. Suddenly she finds a mysterious gothic looking black mirror that is in the attic. When she stares into it, she find out that The Other Side threatens to possess her. The sequel to The Mirror.


1. The Return of the Mirror-Part One


Arizona. Saturday, November 8, 2016.

Janie stared at the bedroom window. 

"We're going away for the weekend. You can have a party tonight. But everyone will have to leave by Midnight", Zara said. 

"Yes, Mom. I'm always responsible", Janie said. She gazed at her daughter with a loving gaze. Todd walked into Janie's bedroom. "Hello, Janie. I'm sorry for the late notice. Packing up the luggage is boring". He smiled at her. She turned around from the new glass window; she focused on her father. "I'm going to Arizona University next year. There's a chance that I can join a sorority there". Zara smiled. "Maybe; maybe not honey. You're majoring in creative writing; you can be a well-known writer if you want to". Janie, who wore a black large Foo Fighters T-shirt, glanced at her parents. 

"I want to be able to publish my E-books on Kindle...and on And event planning is a second job for me; it's a job that requires a lot of work", she said. She was wearing blue jeans, a black belt, brown computer socks, and black shoes on her small feet. At 5'6", she was average height. By one-thirty PM, the weather was 73 degrees; by 2:00 PM, the weather decreased to 65 degrees, as dark, threatening, clouds hovered above the house. Janie shook her head. "We've got warm clothes just in case we're drenched", Zara said. She was wearing a red dress, brown stockings around her slender legs, and black high-heeled shoes. She wore her silver diamond wedding ring on her right, middle, finger; she glided towards the tan door with anxiousness. "It's alright, darling. Janie can take care of herself; it's part of her DNA", Todd said jokingly. Zara sighed. "Don't joke; don't ever joke". Zara shivered, as she decided to let everything go. She didn't need to control everything in the house; she didn't need to feel the horror that was in her they opened the front door...and left in their blue 2011 van. Janie smiled at them, closed the door, and hoped to God that the party was a success.

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